She Comes By It Naturally…

She does indeed.  My precocious three-year old, Sweetgirl, comes by her need to have everything “matchy-matchy” naturally.  Why am I surprised by this?  One of the very things that used to drive my own mama insane was my inability to wear an outfit in pieces that weren’t matching down to the very fiber of their hue.  And this from a young girl who was no fashion plate, I  assure you.  Oh, I tried – yes indeedy.  When that whole neon jelly bracelet, legging, big shirt thing came along, I was right in the thick of it.  Honestly, I did my level best to tamp down the outright need to have the shade of green  in my pants match some noticeable shade in my top.  Then my poor mother would come along and suggest a cuter piece to pair with one or the other; a pair, mind you, that did NOT match. And I would have none of it.  I’m pretty sure that my mom thought I had a disease.  She knew it wasn’t nurture, that’s for darn sure!

Now, here I sit, with a 3-year-old dictating which leggings she will tolerate with what dress because “See mama?  Deese leggings go wif the little lollipop on my dress!”.  Why yes indeedy, Sweetgirl, they surely do.  How very exciting.  And aggravating.  And perspective-giving.  I now understand why my own mother despairs, to this day, of getting me an outfit that hasn’t already been coordinated and approved by the very Garanimals, themselves (although, at this stage, I would prefer that Tim Gunn coordinated the outfit – I’ve sort of outgrown the Garanimals.)

Clearly, she comes by it naturally.   Poor thing…

10 thoughts on “She Comes By It Naturally…

  1. Oh boy! We have the exact opposit problem in my house (if it is seen as a problem) Gabster refuses to match ANYTHING, down to her socks. I am convinced the more obnoxious the combination, the happier she is. She has also tried to convince me that Jeans match nothing, so we MUST live our lives is sweats… which is counter-intuative to what I said at the beginning… you see why I must dye my hair? 🙂

  2. Sarah, I’ve heard so many stories like your aunt’s that we had decided the same thing (to tell them from the get-go). To save the information for later seems to me to imply that there’s something wrong with being adopted. God adopts us into His family and it’s a WONDERFUL thing; I want my adopted children to realize that, in an earthly sense *and* in a Heavenly sense.

  3. Thanks Fae,
    Kudos to you for considering adoption, it’s the right thing to do! (Spoken like an adopted daughter and the owner of a shelter cat 🙂 ) But seriously my hat is off to you! My parents told me I was adopted from the moment I was old enough to talk about it, I would highly recommend that since my Aunt did not know until she was a teenager, and I think it hurt her pretty deeply…not the adoption part but the keeping it a secret part…just some more food for thought…

  4. You bring up few interesting points but the one I want to elaborate on is the heredity factor, you know nature-nurture stuff. I find it fascinating what we give to our kids, probably because I’m adopted. Did I forget to mention that? It really doesn’t play a huge part in my day to day life, but every now and then I think about it, especially when someone says “your daughter looks just like you” or I see her getting upset about a very small thing (like I do sometimes) or like you and “miss matchy matchy” :0).
    I love having someone in this world who looks like me and acts like me, and it’s extra special for me b/c it’s only been for the last ten years. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents with all my heart, they have been the best parents anyone could hope for…and by the sheer force of living together for so long we do act alot alike, but we don’t look alike and sometimes we just don’t quite “get” where the other is coming from, you know, like you do when you are wired the same way as someone else? So I say embrace the Matchy-matchy gene for all it’s worth! It’s a great thing to have a mini me! Even if it means being late for a very important date (which I think is another hereditary trait…the late gene or conversly the time-urgent gene)

    Love the blog Missindeedy…have a great day!


    • I love your insights, Sarah, into the adopted vs birthed dynamics. My husband and I are talking about adoption someday and I had never thought of that!

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