What a Feeling

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something that you just couldn’t confirm?  I recently went to the local home improvement store  and bought a sparkly pink bucket.  Why, you ask?  We’ve been playing a little game with our SweetGirl’s pediatrician whereby every three to four weeks, without fail, she either develops a low-grade fever, or not,  and then vomits for 24 hours. This has been going on for about six months or so. It’s a game that no one seems to win. Now, according to the health care professionals, she’s “building up her immunity to the various viruses that run rampant in preschools”.  Really?  Is that what they’re calling it these days?  Would any of you traditional health care professionals care to set up a monthly appointment at my home whereby you help me clean up the Nastiness That Is a Result of All the Immunity Building?

My SweetBoy has a peanut allergy.  At this point in his elementary-school life, he has outgrown a milk allergy, a wheat allergy, and an egg allergy.  We are So Very Grateful.  Unfortunately, his allergy to peanuts developed about 3 years ago and has steadily grown.  We are no strangers to the many ways that food allergies present themselves.  We are no strangers to the concept of Food Intolerance.  So we find it quite interesting that not one single traditional health care professional advocated, or even suggested, journaling her diet/daily activity to help us get a better sense of why this is happening.  Not one.  Really?  We have a dear non-traditional health care professional friend that suggested it.  Friends with children that have severe food allergies also suggested it.  Maybe that should be classified under Aggravating instead of Interesting.  Because, it officially is.

When SweetBoy was first diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder six years ago, we just knew something was off with him.  We felt it in the very core of our guts.  And at first, we listened to the traditional health care professionals tell us that we were “first time parents”; or that “he’s a boy and boys develop/mature more slowly than girls”.  Really?  I think your gut-feelings should count for something.  We tell our children that they should trust their gut in all sorts of situations.  Shouldn’t we adults be doing the same thing?  We were given an ability to have a “gut-feeling” for a reason.

Please don’t misunderstand my Aggravation.  It needs a little TLC. It’s been slowly growing as we go through this cycle month after month after month; quietly journaling what she eats and drinks as we hold her little head up over the Pukey Bucket.  I believe I may have just gotten to the point where my Aggravation has taken over my Interest.  I think it’s time to push Interesting and Aggravating over and make room for some Reality.  Based on good ole’ gut-feeling.  And hey, at least her jammies match her pink pukey bucket.

8 thoughts on “What a Feeling

  1. We had friends whose daughter got the fever routinely every month; no vomiting, I think, but they thought it was recurring UTIs and treated it as such. Then she had her tonsils out and the fevers went away. It has a name but I forget what it is.

  2. A friend of mine went through something similar, without the puking, and her daughter was diagnosed with “leaky gut syndrome”. Just throwing that out there in case it has any relevance to your situation. I hope you guys figure it out soon! 🙂

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