Pin Ta What Now?

If you have ever wandered on over to ETSY, on this here Internet, then you know how easily you can blow an hour or three! And I have no problem, what-so-ever, finding ways to fritter away an hour or three. Yes, indeedy! Especially when I should be headed to bed for the evening, instead. Because, as the saying goes, “There is no end to what you can accomplish when you should be doing something else.” That’s a course, you know?  I think I might be the valedictorian of that class. Yup, I’m pretty sure I am. And ETSY allowed me a place to continually stay at the head of that class.

So, I thought it odd that one of my worst best friends, ever, thought I needed a little more help frittering away some hours. She felt it was her duty to introduce me to this benign little website, called Pinterest. Pin Ta what-now, you ask? Essentially, you view and then “like” and/or “repin” these pictures of links to recipes, art, decorating ideas that fellow “pinterest-ers” have found.  You can pin anything that tickles your fancy onto your own created “boards”. Think of these boards like mini-bulletin boards, that you can name at will and post as many pictures to, as your little heart desires. If you haven’t been there yet, I implore you: do not GO! You will be sucked in to the Vortex of Never-Ending Time-A-Wastin’. Unfortunately, it’s pretty blissful there. You can dream the impossible dream. You can pin pictures of all of the beautiful sparkling white kitchen remodel ideas that you’d love to attempt someday (but that surely ain’t happenin’ anytime in this decade), or pin pictures of adorable sparkling white frilly frocks (that certainly would never get ketchup stains or mud smudges on them). Well, at least I can console myself with the fact that by the time we can afford a kitchen remodel, our kids will be old enough to keep those sparkling white cabinets sparkling. A girl can dream, right? See? Total Time Sucker. I haven’t had so much fun whiling away the hours since… well, since I discovered ETSY.

The poor SweetMan hardly ever saw me to begin with. Now? He’s fairly certain he has a wife, but since she’s almost always gazing longingly at her computer screen, he’s looking into website blocking technology now.

And I’m left with the desire to head on over to ETSY and buy a T-shirt that says “Pinsomniac”. Because that, folks, is what I think I just might have become. Thanks, friend…

6 thoughts on “Pin Ta What Now?

  1. I go back and forth, loving and hating it. When I find cool new stuff, love it. When I see the same things over and over I get bored. But I can’t leave! ha!!

  2. I haven’t been to Pinterest yet, but sooo many people are talking about it. It may become another Facebook, are they selling stock in it? Love to you! Great job blogging. Love, Katy

  3. I totoally agree with you on the Pinterest website. I love it but Im having trouble making my boards. Maybe tomorrow I can spend ..I dont know…4 or 5 hours figuring it out!!
    Great job so far on your blogging. I will be following!

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