Love, exciting and new!

I’m forgetful.  My SweetMan will tell you he’s a bit concerned about it.   My friends with children know better.  I’ve never owned a pair of sunglasses that cost more than… how much does Tarjay charge for sunglasses, again?  The one time a sweet family member attempted to get me a pair of RayBans, I promptly took them off and put them on the hood of my car to look for something in my purse. Then, forgot about them.  And then drove off the next day with them on top of the car.  Or, at least, they were…  By the time I remembered where in the tarnation I’d put those sunglasses, they were loooong gone.  Then, there are the many (yes, many) times I’ve thrown them into the seat of my car and then sat upon them minutes later.   Or, the many times my toddlers got a hold of them and broke them.  Right.

Now, folks will tell you that bodies tend to head downhill at forty.  Because we are an over-achieving sort of family, I discovered that my eyes were way ahead of the game a few years ago.   I figured since my eyes were rebelling, I would too; so with perscription in hand, I went to the local lens-o-matic store and picked out the most wonderful (a.k.a. expensive) frames and waited with anticipation to receive my new reading glasses.  And when they came in, although I really resented having to remember to use them each time I read or used the computer, I took great delight in my fancy shmancy glasses.  I loved them.  They made me look smarter (need lots of help there).  They made me feel smarter (I’m fairly certain they had super-powers). I thought I was in love. With my glasses.

Alas, love is fleeting.  How do I know?  I lost them.  Being the lazy forgetful girl that I am, I just didn’t bother with getting another pair.  I began to rationalize that I didn’t really need them all that much.  Just for reading and computerating.  HELLO?  That’s, like, always!   But, I digress…

Fast forward a year.  My SweetGirl and I are in the dollar store.  She wanted to try on sunglasses that were “So Pretty And Pink And Match My Shirt, Mama!”  If you have a preschooler, you know you have to try on the glasses, too, right?  Well, this little love picked up a pair of real reading glasses that were black and had faux diamonds all over the edges.  They were cute.  But they were also in a perscription about 10 degrees stronger than what I needed.  So I thought.  I put those suckers on and whadyaknow?  They actually helped me see pretty stinkin’ well!

So, all that to say.  I think I’m in love again. With my new “reading/computerating glasses”.  From the dollar store.  And if I lose them?  They’re a dollar. I can get another pair lickety-split.  Ain’t love grand?

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