Bye Bye Binky

I can NOT believe it! We (and by we, I mean SweetGirl) has kicked her binky habit.  It only took 12 straight hours of a Puke Fairy visit to do it.  Not so bad, right?  I mean, so what if the pink sparkly puke bucket got a workout.  And, it’s okay that NO ONE, except SweetDog, got a wink of sleep. I don’t mind the gargantuan pile of towels and sheets we had to go through to get here.  And, I can even deal with the back-end-business that we all know is coming; cuz you know what? The binkies are gone!

We spent months and months and months building up the story of the oh-so-illusive Binky Fairy who would be visiting “sometime soon”.   And we talked about how the Binky Fairy would take all of the binkies to the babies “who need them”.  (We’re all about sharing at our house.) And we told SweetGirl that there would be presents.  And a party to celebrate.  And dancing.  Even SweetDaddy would dance. And mommy would get it on video. And post it on YouTube. And then I’d have proof that he dances.  Shoot. Where was I?

Ah, yes… So, watch out Nana & Grampy! SweetGirl is expecting her “Binky Party”when we get to your house; whereby she announces to the world (or at least the 8 members of her extended family assembled together in one place to hear her proclamation) that the Binky Fairy came to town.  Yes indeedy, she shore did!

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Binky

  1. Yup. We said farewell before, but you no longer need to crawl under items at the stores to rescue the lovely binky…such a great thing! Now if only we could get the potty training thing down!

  2. You had me at ” pink sparkly” CONGRATS !!!! Can you send the fairy down a couple of houses..I can think of a few things she can wave her magic wand at:) Sparklesxo

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