Some Like It Hot

Not me, mind you.  In fact, I hightailed it up here to New England to escape the Florida heat as soon as I was able.  I mean, c’mon… What woman actually enjoys what humidity does to her hair?  No one!  NO ONE, I tell you.  And the sweat.  There wasn’t enough baby powder in the entire state of Florida to contain my ability to sweat. I could easily have won gold in an Olympic Sweating competition, hands down, on any day of the week!

So, it is with deep sorrow and sadness, that I am coming to realize that I have probably lost my firstborn to the humidity of his mama’s former home state as soon as he is rightfully able.  You see, Sweetboy may not get subtleties in language; and he may not understand how much we will truly miss him if he does, indeed, move down there; but he does understand heat.  And he likes it. Land sakes, the child LOVES it. He constantly says things like “Mama, what colleges are in Florida by Nana and Grampy?”; and, “I wonder what jobs I could do in Florida, when I grow up?”.  Or, the most heartbreaking, is his simply stated, “I just love Florida so much, Mama!”

Do you know what that means? That means, folks, that I am, in all likelihood, going to end up as one of those fossil drivers that we always joked about growing up down there.  I’m destined to be a Yankee snow bird.  Oh dear john.  Not good. Not good at all.  And,  I can barely manage my hair as a fully functioning adult.  I can only imagine how my hair will look then.  Hopefully, I’ll have too much sweat running into my eyes to be able to see just how awful it looks. Yes indeedy!

Your Thoughts?

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