Cussin’, Cursin’, and Swearin’ – Oh My!

Intriguing, isn’t it?  Especially for those handful of you who read this (Thank You!)  and know me well enough, in-real-life, to know that I only do any of the three under extreme circumstances.  Like, say, stubbing my toe.  Or breaking my favorite pancake batter bowl.  Or indulging in One Too Many on Girls Night Out (which happens hardly never).  Oh heck, I am Captain Ahab’s daughter, after all…

Anyhoo… My SweetBoy and I were headed home after dropping off a friend of his that had spent the last day of April vacation week with us. As a last ‘hurrah’, we’d stopped by one of our favorite ice cream establishments and picked up a little treat for ourselves.  His treat was a sad ode to the end to vacation week.  My treat was a hearty celebration for the end of vacation week.  We were happily driving along, and SweetBoy informs me that his friend told him what the “S” word and the “F” word meant.  I spat out my mouthful of mini-blizzard all over the front windshield and said “What, now?”!  (This last action upset me greatly.  It was a MINI-blizzard, for-cryin’-out-loud!  I barely had ten bites of the dern thing in the first place.  Now, I only had nine…)

All joking aside, I do my level best not to cuss, curse, or swear. Especially in front of my children. So, I found it a bit disturbing that my SweetBoy, who works so stinkin’ hard to understand the meaning behind everyday phrases and words, as it is, now knew what two of my least favorites were.

You can bet your bippy, that when SweetBoy informed me that the “S” word is for “Stupid” and “F” is for “Failure”, I was so relieved.  And, I’d never been happier to hear those two words in my entire life.  Never. I drew in a deep breath, along with a prayer of Thanks, and exhaled loudly.  SweetBoy has been picking up on some new subtleties lately.  It’s been a very exciting development!  He heard that exhale and said, “They’re really really bad, aren’t they Mama?”.  I’d like to note here that I instantly decided that I really liked this other child’s family. A lot. Those two words can be emotional weapons when used towards another human being.  And after this conversation, I’ve started being mighty careful with how often I throw those words around and under which circumstances.

I replied, “Oh, yes indeedy!  They are bad words that can make people feel sad.”

And he said, “Well, then, I’ll NEVER use them again.”  I just love how black and white his beautiful brain is.  Yes please!

2 thoughts on “Cussin’, Cursin’, and Swearin’ – Oh My!

    • Seriously. A big blizzard bummer. Only it was a little blizzard. 🙂 On the bright side – 50 less calories from the one missed bite, right?

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