Migraine For Mother

A great time was had by all.  All weekend long, while visiting a couple of states south with my brother and sister-in-law, and their children (the cousins), and The Gammy and The Grampa, I kept marveling at the fact that I am blessed beyond measure to be married into this family.  Like all families, we do indeed have our “moments” here and there (C’mon, who doesn’t?!?); but it all seems to be blatantly covered in So Much Grace.  I felt that this weekend.  It was a gift. Between the birthday celebrations, the Mother’s Day Extravaganza, and the late night talks about life and parenting, my heart was ready to burst with all of the love that God has poured into me for each of these family members!

On the 4 hour car ride home,  Sweetman and I talked about how thankful we are.  And he reminded me about the hundred and one reasons that he loves my family so much, too.  And how excited he is to see them this summer. And I started to sing ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ from the “Lion King” in my head.  Because, I could!  I really could!  It was like a great big ‘pollyanna’ cloud of love just enveloped me as I sat in that car and thought about how precious each and every family member is to me. His. Mine. Ours.

And I would have stayed in that cloud, had a little voice not piped up from the back forty declaring that “I. Need. To. Go. Potty! NOW!!!”.  Moment over, Sweetman pulled over quick as spit onto the side of a very noisy interstate.  She and I hopped out to use the “special pink travel potty” stashed in the trunk of the car.  Sweet mercy, I’ve never been so thankful for one of those things.  As she was conducting business and cars are roaring by and I can barely hear myself think over the Ever So Loud Noises and the whoosh of cars whizzing by, Sweetman shouts, “LOOK BEHIND YOU!”.   So, I did.

An oh-s0-speedy Highway Service Patrol truck had pulled up (out of nowhere and quite quickly, might I add) to see if we needed help there on the side of the road.  How kind.  I waved him off with a hearty thumbs up.  And sweet girl stood up, buck nekid from the waist down, to “help” give him her own hearty thumbs up.  And I have never thrown underwear on a moving 4 year old so quickly in my life!

The harrowing experience behind us, my brain must have decided that I’d had enough thrills and love-talk, because I received another gift shortly there-after. A migraine.  I could have done without that gift. But the rest of the weekend, I couldn’t have done without.  So, if that’s what brought on the migraine for mother, bring it!  Yes indeedy.

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