Let’s Talk Shop

I’ve never liked shopping.  There, I said it.  It’s one of those dirty little secrets that I keep under wraps whenever other women start talking “shop”.  The Nana will have you know that I most certainly can NOT be her daughter based on that fact alone. That sweet woman could out-shop Rachel Zoe any day of the week.  Now, give me a couple of days hours to surf the internet, and all of a sudden, I am a shopper-extraordinaire!  But, the malls?  No way, no how.   The mere thought of a trip to the mall used to make me break out in hives.  Upon arrival, I required an immediate stop at the hot pretzel place for sustenance throughout the ordeal and the reward of a cookie the size of my head for surviving it all, on the way out.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I realized something on a necessary pit stop to the mall today.  I had one item on my agenda.  However, I found myself looking at All The Pretty Things on my way to the one particular store and enjoying the looking.  Enjoying. The. Looking!  Why, I even think I had a fleeting thought along the lines of,  “I wonder when I could come back and do this again?”!  I’d like to be all noble and say that I had far better things to do than be attracted by All The Pretty Things surrounding me.  I’d like to say that I felt slightly ashamed to be frittering away a few hours looking All The Pretty Things.  But I can’t. And, I’m not. And Heaven help me, I want to do it again! And soon.

Please, for the love of all that’s good and right with my world, don’t tell The Nana!  We’re headed down there in a few weeks and, Sweet Moses, if she gets a hold of this information, she will drag my newly minted shop-loving self to every shopping establishment in the greater South Florida area.  Have you seen the size of some of those things?  Oh. My. Word.  I think hives are coming back.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps. Oh, yes indeed.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Shop

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  3. I laugh because I was a lot like this as well. I HATED shopping! My girlfriends would spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit, and I would always be hanging on the clothes rack crossing my fingers that this would be the store they found something. Needless to say it always seemed to be the first outfit, from the first store they would end up getting anyways. Three children and many moons later I finally enjoy shopping. I believe that it is just a nice break from the day-to-day. Not to mention if I find a great sale I feel like I won some kind of medal 🙂

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