Getting Fleeced by The Mouse

Surfing the World Wide Web for deals on a Disney World vacation is like searching for a needle in the proverbial haystack.  Each time I find a site that seems valid on the surface, it’s like disappearing down a rabbit hole once you start trying to maneuver through.  It doesn’t help that Sweetman keeps asking me if we’ve got the details hammered out yet?  And by we, he means me!  He’s affectionately referring to the trip as getting “fleeced by the Mouse”.  Indeed.  This is a trip that is not for the faint of pocketbook.   The more I find out, the more I don’t want to find out.  Want to have tea with the Princesses?  Why, yes. Yes we do!  No problem.  Just fork over a quarter of your life savings.  It doesn’t help that we went almost 3 years ago on Captain Ahab and The Nana’s dime.  They were generous.  Unfortunately, Sweetboy has the mind of a steel trap. Therefore, he remembers every little detail of that trip like it happened yesterday.  That mind of his truly is a blessing and a curse!

However, in an effort to keep moving forward with the plan (and in her effort to ensure we would, indeed, still be coming down there to spend Christmas with her)  I was handed a little help in the form of information by The Nana recently.  She sent me a somewhat recent-ish article out of the Sun Sentinel. It was written by Sally Deneen in her column “Cutting Corners”. There is apparently a website named “Mousesavers“.  And what The Nana must have missed in the column is that there aren’t too many breaks out there this year.  According to Deneen, even Floridian residents will have to “make do with resident discounts this year.”  Great.

A further search revealed that our desire to stay in one of the on-site hotels that are close to the Magic Kingdom will require the forking over of some major hogs!  The use of AAA discount would help a ton, if we weren’t going down just in December! And though we’ve been saving with this goal in mind for well over a year, it hurts my head to look at the price tag.  It’s almost like getting a bad case of “buyer’s regret”; only, we haven’t even officially bought anything yet! It’s a good thing that Mouse is so stinkin’ cute. And fun. And Magical…

I will persist, though.  Because everyone deserves get fleeced by The Mouse at least one or four times in their lives. Yes indeedy! And having grown up down there, I know it’s worth every penny.  Having lived in New England for so long, maybe I’m just not looking in the right places?  So, on that note, do any of you have tried and true advice?

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