A Few Great Things (And a Note To Self)

I’m no shopping expert.  In fact, I think we pretty well covered that last week.  However, I’ve come across some great things in the last couple of days.  With Sweetgirl home sick with a fever, there have been a few times that Sweetman has begged me let me skip out of the house on an errand to “blow the stink off me” (as my G Gma used to say). Here’s what I’ve found: (Don’t judge me for #2. It’s a staple in this house and I stand by it.)

1) At Walgreens this morning picking up some cough medicine for… Everyone In This House, I had to walk down the shampoo aisle. Yes, I had to.  God gave me the “I Care About My Hair” gene.  It doesn’t do me much good in the humidity, but I’ve still got the gene. Anyhoo, I discovered that my new favorite shampoo & conditioner, by Organix,  is buy one get one free!!  This made my breath catch.  Seriously.  I never seem to find “the bargain”.  Check out the Walgreens Circular because this one is sweet.

2) Both of my picky eaters in the house will devour Lucky Charms cereal pretty much any hour of the day.  It’s my go to food for breakfast, snacks, long car-ride food, etc.  Target’s Market Pantry version is just as “magically delicious” and a whole lot cheaper!  Find it here.

3) My new favorite lip balm is by Carmex. It’s called “Moisture Plus”.  It is veritable perfection for lips. My lips can’t stand anything waxy getting near them.  They’ve told me so, I promise.  And, come to think of it, that might explain why they scream whenever the poor dear at the salon comes near me to de-fuzz them.

4) As a Diet Dr. Pepper fanatic fan, I discovered this past weekend that our local grocery store had 12 packs on sale: 3 for $10.00.  I don’t know if my fellow diet soda drinkers out there have noticed, but it’s been costing $3.99, lately, for a 12 pack.  At least, it has up here in New England. A dollar saved is one more dollar toward The Mouse, you know.

And, there you have it.

Now, a note to self… Sitting cross-legged with your computer on your lap, no matter how comfy the chair underneath the tush, makes for very crampy legs.  I’m off to walk out the cramps on my way to the fridge for a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Happy Shopping!

4 thoughts on “A Few Great Things (And a Note To Self)

  1. I love DDP too! Better than ANY other diet soda. AND, I just found caffeine free DDP here which just about had me doing roundoffs and back handsprings in the grocery aisle. Seriously. Now if I could just remember which store it was that I found it…

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