Whiteness and Burp-ifer

Every so often, Sweetboy will bust a gut laughing over some inside joke that leaves him breathless with All The Guffawing.  We will ask him what tickles his funnybone so, and 9 times out of 10, it’s something we couldn’t have guessed at in a zillion years.  The following is a bit of a “case in point”. While Sweetgirl has been down for the count around here, we’ve been watching a lot of “Kipper“.  Kipper the Dog. (If you know the show, then I apologize, because you now have the theme song stuck in your head.  I hope it goes away before next week. Do NOT keep me posted…) Sweetboy used to watch this over and over when he was about her age.  Funny how familial history tends to repeat itself, isn’t it?  Sweetboy was laying sitting in a dining room chair, enjoying a snack after school when he bust out laughing.  No precipitous event.  No one else was even present.  I asked the million dollar question.

Mama – “What’s got you so laughy over there?”

Sweetboy – “Kipper lives in whiteness.”, followed by Much Hysterical Laughter.

Now, I’m not sure why that’s so stinkin’ funny. But, to him?  It is.  Oh, how it is.

In other comic news, sometimes, Sweetman will say something seemingly innocuous that will tickle the pee right out the Sweetchildrens’ funny bones.  If funnybones had pee. Which, they don’t.  Just to clarify.  Sweetman likes to play a little game with the kids whenever they are in the throes of a tantrum on a bonzai pipeline straight to meltdown mode called, “The Stuffed Animal Can Fly Through the Air”.  I’d explain how we he came up with this rousing game, but I don’t want to bore you to tears.  If I haven’t already…

Moving on, Sweetdaddy took one of Sweetgirl’s stuffed animals and threw it across the room singing “She can fly, she can fly, she can fly.”  Yes, from Peter Pan. I hope I’ve mentioned before how we put pretty much everything to song around here?  Sweetboy started laughing. Sweetgirl demanded that Sweetdaddy “NOT throw my brpahidfiear!”.  If you can read that word I just attempted to write, then you understand her language.  Because we?  We could not.  So, Sweetman took a stab at the name she had attached to this poor critter.

Sweetman – “You mean, Burp-ifer?”

Sweetchildren – (In full throttle pee-your-pants laughter on the floor) “No!!!!”

And thus, the legend of “Burp-ifer”, The Flying Hamster, was born.  Of course, Sweetdaddy that he is, he took this as license to interject the name “Burp-ifer” at every stinkin’ opportunity over the course of the day.  Because.  Because, seeing our children laugh so hard they can barely catch their breath before they pee their pants is a joy doubled.  It’s a gift, I tell ya.  Especially when I don’t have to clean up afterwards.  Indeed.

Your Thoughts?

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