A Rose By Any Other Name (Is Missindeedy)

Everyone in the house is getting excited that it’s finally June!  The end of the school year is in plain sight; and, more importantly, only a few more weeks until we get to go visit The Nana and Captain Ahab in Florida. We’ve coined a tag phrase to indicate just how excited we all are: “Soon in June”.  We’ve clung to that little phrase for all it’s worth in moments of near-meltdown madness around here.  All of us.  Mostly me.

The Nana and I were talking the other morning.  She was asking for ideas for “something little” for Sweetboy upon our arrival in a few weeks.  Sweetgirl, you see, is “just so easy to buy for”.  Oh, how I love that Nana.  And, oh, how thankful I am to God for providing her (and me) with a sweet little girly girl, because I was not, growing up.  And it grieved The Nana so. But now, she has a pink, bejeweled, little spit-fire of a girl to buy pink, bejeweled, girly things for and with. It makes her oh-so-happy.  And that makes me oh-so-happy.

Anyhoo, I began to tell her about Sweetboy’s latest obsession with Maps.  All things map-related thrill him to no end, I said.  He now has a gargantuan map of the United States affixed to the wall above his bed, I told her.  He stares at it with glee.  He’s memorized every state, state capitol, region, and is working on deciphering the exact differences between each of the state flags now.  Did you know that this map has some other cities noted within each state, Nana?  I asked.  In fact, it has your city noted.  And, oh, how that tickles him, Nana.  I’m going somewhere with all of this, Nana, I promise, I said.

“Well, Get On With It, for crying out loud!”, she said.  “I only asked for an idea here!”

“Maps, Nana.  Anything to do with maps.” I mercifully spit out.

“Thank goodness!”, she exclaimed.  “My ear was going numb.”

Oh. My. Word. See how I do that?  I lose all track of my thought process.  I now understand full-well why everyone insists I am Rose from “The Golden Girls”, reincarnated…  Indeed!

Your Thoughts?

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