Thanks For Making Me Nap

I want my Sweetchildren to have a record of the things I am grateful for regarding their daddy.  That Sweetman puts up with more than his fair share of sass from me.  Yes indeedy.  He deserves a medal.  True story.  I don’t mean to imply it’s all sunshine and roses where he’s concerned.  It’s not.  Marriage is hard work.  Some days, I feel flat-out tired of The Work.  But not today.  Today, I was reminded of a few reasons I love this man.

I can’t sing a lick.  It’s a sad, but true, fact.  I’ve had folks at church do their level best not to turn around and see who let a sick cow into the sanctuary.  Fortunately for me, I married into a family of folks who can sing.  I mean, S.I.N.G.  My Sweetman’s brother does it For Real.  But sometimes, when I’m in the throes of a beautiful song at church, I will stop all my caterwauling and just listen as my Sweetman belts. It. Out.  He can sing.  And it’s a beautiful thing to hear.  And I’m blessed by it.

Sometimes, I take things too seriously.  Every so often, when Sweetboy gets into a lather about something-or-other, I can’t seem to distance myself enough from the behavior to see the forest through the trees.  But daddy will swoop right in with a joke the size of Montana that will diffuse the tar right of the moment.  And I’m blessed by his ability to do that.

Enabling is not usually a good thing.  But that Sweetman knows me so well that he can even decipher the meaning behind my texts.  I can type the letter “K” in response to him saying he’s on his way home and he will show up at the door with a Devil Dog.  Or a Yodel.  Or a small pint of Ben & Jerry’s therapy.   And although the scale would definitely disagree, I’m blessed for it.

And lastly, I’m stubborn.  As a mule sometimes.  Often Once in a while, I need a nap.  But I won’t take a nap.  So, Sweetman will push me upstairs, hand me my water, turn on some white noise to drown out the sounds of The Children, and retreat with them to the basement playroom.  And you know what?  We’re ALL blessed by that. Because…

And that man surely does know how to make this mama happy. Oh, yes indeedy!

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