Dragon Breath

One of the “life skills” we’re working on around here with both kidlets, but most especially with Sweetboy,  is to consistently brush their fangs in the morning.  Without the aid of so much toothpaste and so little actual brushing, my Sweetchildren have some major dragon breath.  I suppose all kiddos do; but it sure makes it extra challenging, with jimmies on top, to kiss and snuggle little people with said dragon breath, doesn’t it?  Especially at 5:50 in the morning.

You know it’s gotten bad when the smallest, youngest, most inexperienced in the ways of the world’s hygiene habits informs her brother of the following: “Ewww, brudder, you got stinky breath. Don’t kiss me!”  This causes much distress for the brother, as he adores his little sister and would smother her with dragon-breath kisses if someone didn’t intervene.  What causes this former teacher distress is that I can’t seem to get Sweetgirl to shake the word “got” in inappropriate places; as in, ‘You got…”,  “I got to go….”.  Alas…

It goes without saying, then, that I really do hope they catch this sooner rather than later.  The potency of their unbrushed fangs can about knock a mama out!  Oh, yes indeedy, it can.  Heaven help me if I’m ever found passed out in my home and I have to give Dragon Breath as an explanation for why I needed smelling salts.

So, what do you do to teach your little dragons to brush their fangs?  Any games you use?  Any special “equipment” (props)? Do tell, please!

4 thoughts on “Dragon Breath

  1. I recently took my son to a FANTASTIC dentist and the sweet dental hygienist showed him how to properly brush his teeth in a way I had never seem before. I was like, “Yes, son. That’s how you do it,” all the while taking mental notes, like, “Wow! That is so interesting! I don’t think I’ve brushed correctly for twenty nine years!” HA! Some things that did help mine were those red little chewy things after they brush. My oldest brushed, then chewed it, spit and the red on his teeth were the places he didn’t brush well enough. (I got them from the dentist) I also find that buying the cheesy character brushes helps (though they are pricey) and finding the ones that flash lights or play music help prolong the brushing. (though they NEVER brush for two minutes….I mean, really, who does?) Lastly, I am not sure how old your dragons are, but if they love a certain character like “Mickey Mouse” or “Thomas the Train”, that character could “call” them and let them know how important it is to brush their teeth. (I called a friend of mine’s little boy and was Thomas the Train. Though my disguised voice surely sounded nothing like Thomas, I told him how his Mommy really wanted him to poo-poo in the potty and that I would love to check in and see how he was doing in a few days. He bought it. Hook, line and sinker.) Hope maybe something helps you! 🙂
    Enjoyed your blog!



    • Wow, Brianne! I’d never heard of the “red chewy things” that leave spots where you didn’t brush well enough. I’m going to ask The Google about it. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

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