To Talk Or To Breathe

“Asking you to stop talking is like asking you to stop breathing.  It just doesn’t work out that well for you.”

Sweetman. To me.  When he wanted me to button it up.  Which I rarely do.  If you can even imagine…

We’ve been talking a lot over here.  Sweetman and I always seem to slip more easily into “talk to each other” mode after dinner during the summertime.  What is it about that?  And those kidlets of mine? Sweet Moses, they can be chatty.  I have to admit, though, I secretly love it.  We don’t get to talk much all day during the school year and I just like to hear what’s percolating in those little heads of theirs.  This week, anyway.  I’ll let you know if I still feel that way come July.

It should come as no surprise to anyone then, that today, during our attempt to watch “Madagascar 3” on the big screen, Sweetgirl talked in my ear the Whole Derned Time.  Seriously.  And I had to wonder if I was this chatty when I was her age.  Because, if I was?  I owe my parents a heck of a lot more than some nice Hillshire Farms sausage and cheese baskets.  Word of mercy.

But, and here’s the beauty in this bounty of talking that’s going on around here, I’ve noticed something.  It would seem that much like when we write without censoring for a time, important thoughts, and even coherent ones, begin to emerge.  My ears have been privy to some very interesting inner workings going on inside the heads of Sweetboy and Sweetgirl this week.  I love getting the inside scoop on the thought process behind the myriad choices my children make throughout their day; whether it be the choice of snack, playtime toy, game or book. Here’s what I’m learning:

  1. Children seem to make far better choices when you limit their choices.  Clear as mud?
  2. When given the opportunity to practice imaginary play without any direction, some very interesting conversations take place.
  3. Questions are sometimes asked more to know that mama is near than to know the answer.
  4. An atta-girl or atta-boy is sometimes all it takes to keep the good choices rolling.
  5. And, hugs still rule the day at the end of the, you know… day.

I don’t always get this parenting thing right and sometimes I don’t understand these children that I’ve been given to parent.  But, I am so stinkin’ grateful that I get the chance to try it all over again tomorrow. Especially with these kids. I don’t ever want them to stop The Talking.  Even Sweetman enjoys all the chatter.  Well… I’m fairly certain he’d admit that he’d gladly take a small break from some of mine.  As long as I continue to breathe. Indeed!

What about you?  What interesting things have you had the opportunity to observe about your kidlets now that school’s out?

5 thoughts on “To Talk Or To Breathe

  1. Ok, there was an added sentence in my comment. “I really appreciated this quote too.” doesn’t make sense. Sorry!

  2. I am so glad you shared that quote from your Sweetman with us. That is a classic. I really appreciated this quote too. I keep reminding myself when I get overwhelmed with the kids talking(usually all at once) that someday I am going to be putting forth great effort to get a fraction of the conversation.

  3. Love this post. My daughter is at the age when spilling your guts is good and I love it. I pray that line of communication is always open like that between us. She’s already shared so much of herself and it kind of makes me wish I was as open.

    “I owe my parents a heck of a lot more than some nice Hillshire Farms sausage and cheese baskets.” – This is hysterically true!


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