Heading For the Hills (Or As the Case May Be, The Ocean)

I should be sleeping in preparation for our flight outta Dodge tomorrow morning; but instead, I’m here.  Here are the top 5 things that have gone down around here this week.  A few of them even caused a giggle or three.

1) Sweetgirl started packing her own carry on all by herself.  On Monday.  Unfortunately, she’s realized each day that something she packed she’s just “gotsa have now, Mama!”. We’ve spent today rounding up each and every one of those said items and corralling them back into her carry on.

2)  I do solemnly believe that Sweetdog now knows how to spell. I’m 99.9% positive that her ears perked up when she heard me mention packing her bag up for the kennel yesterday.  It may also be why she left us a “parting present” early this morning.

3) Benadryl just may have been created in Heaven, because the sleep we’ve been able to get around here, despite 4 of the 4 of us having colds,  has been divine.

4) The pending trip has an amazing behavior modification effect.  And I like it.  A lot.  Forget about the ol’ Stink Eye.  Go with “Oh My! Whatever will The Nana and Captain Ahab say when they hear/see that next week?”.  Pure gold in verbal form.

5) The thought of being with my peeps down in Florida and letting my hair go all “roller coaster” on me is just fine and dandy with me.  Or, in other news, I’m getting old enough that I just don’t give a hoot.

I’ll be posting some enthralling pictures, I’m sure.  In the meantime, what sorts of things do y’all do to prepare for big trips?

6 thoughts on “Heading For the Hills (Or As the Case May Be, The Ocean)

  1. Hope you’re having a great trip! My daughter sounds like yours…right down to Barbie’s little shoes that I step on every. single. day. 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Our “Camp Grandma” letters should arrive today. The kids are so excited to choose their activities for their time in OH. The real trick is figuring out what to do when the trip is over and you have 3 deflated, sad(one who is always full of tears, guess who that is?) and tired kids in the car for a 12 hour trip home.

    • That IS a challenge. I hadn’t even let my
      mind go to the “after-party” ordeal yet. Usually, we go right to a new toy in those instances of tropical depression. 🙂

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