Funny Ideas – Part Huh?

We made it through our Church’s VBS week.  We came, we saw, we conquered.  Then, we crashed. Here are some of the things that happened this week that made me and/or Sweetman say, “What the huh?”.

I attempted, on Crazy Hair Day, to copy a hair style that I saw on a you-tube video.  In it, the girl placed a water bottle on top of her head, flipped her head upside down, gathered all of said hair around the water bottle and secured it with a ponytail holder.  Still on board, here?  I realized quickly that my hair wasn’t long enough for that.  But I, in my desperation craftiness, remembered that I did indeed have exactly 2 of those cheap plastic two-part wine glasses left over from my 40th birthday party last year.  Yes, friends, I am klassy like that. AND, I can be crafty like that!  This is what I came up with instead:

Gotta few extra plastic party wineglasses laying around?

Aren’t I purty?  Seriously.  Aren’t I?  The mask really completes the look, don’t you think?  No?  Well, just be thankful that I didn’t poke somebody’s eye out with those things!  And not for nothin’, but getting into and out of the car with those things in my hair wasn’t pretty either.

In other parts of the house – I’ve mentioned before that Sweetboy has some funny ideas.  I’m becoming concerned that he has identity issues.  Please see exhibit A below.  And you may or may not remember – the child has blond hair.  Also, he is not a pig. Nor is he a pig with a mole. His artistic sensibilities are baffling:

I’m fairly certain that jet black hair dye is in my child’s future

And lastly, Sweetgirl graciously offered to “help” me make waffles this morning.  Now, I am no whiz in the kitchen.  Nay, I barely “kitchen” at all; but I am often in that derned room of the house making waffles on the weekends.  This?  This was Sweetgirl’s opening salvo as to how she could help me:

Apparently, I neglected to teach her that we always start with CLEAN kitchen items…

And there you have it.

Your Thoughts?

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