I Just Love Dat…

Sweetgirl has been throwing a lot of love around this week.  And some of her little -isms are a balm to our sad souls this week as we continue to adjust to life without our Sweetdog.  Here are a few of our favorites:

We love Looney Tunes around here.  I mean, love them.  In fact, this is how we eat breakfast each morning:

You ever feel like you’re being watched?

And to that, Sweetgirl says: “I just love dat Bugs-in-bunny!”.

While watching a Pepe` Le Pew episode recently, she said, “I just love dat Peppy the Pew-ey!”. (I love how our kids love old cartoons that we grew up on.)

Later on, “Despicable Me” was the pick for Family Movie Night.”  She ran downstairs mid-movie and retrieved one of the stuffed animal minions someone was kind enough to send our way last year and exclaimed, “LOOK! We got one of dose Pickable Me guys!”.

Our perceptions so often color our interpretations.  Maybe that’s why the single most precious thing that Sweetgirl says, on a daily basis, mixed in with all of the very un-precious things she says, is the following: “I just love dat brudder!”.  She reminds me, us, anyone who’s within ear shot, how strong a love can be that knows no divisions.  A love the sees only the good in someone.

And I just love dat!  Yes, indeedy.

Your Thoughts?

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