Newness and What-knot

The times. They are a changin’.  It would seem that newness is everywhere we turn right this minute.  New leaves are turning. New friendships are forming.  New jobs, new dreams, and new favorites are all afoot.  And it is good.

One thing that isn’t new? Sweetboy’s attitude about school.  This is the conversation I inadvertently walked into last night.  And please, by all means, do insert whatever dramatic tones you can just hear in your mind as you read it – I’m quite sure he used those exact ones as he wailed…

Sweetboy:  (Almost with back of hand slapped against his forehead) ” Oh NOOOO!!!  There are only 5 weeks left until I have to go back to school!”  (Followed by much weeping and gnashing of teeth.)

Me:  “Really?  That sounds to me like 35 more days of summer fun!”

And in other news, Sweetgirl, also, hasn’t changed her stance on “I NOT!”, one iota.

Me: (Watching her fling around the new “big-girl” necklace The Nana foolishly generously sent to her) “Sweetgirl, please don’t fling the necklace around and around.  It will get knots in it and Mama will have to work very hard to take them out. (I.E. Won’t be able to take them out because, the eyes?  They ain’t what they used to be.)

Sweetgirl: (C’mon, we ALL know exactly where this is going…) “I NOT flinging it Mama, I am just playing with it and making a commotion!” (Insert shock on my part as I wonder where in the sam hill she learned the word commotion – that’s just above my pay grade, right there.)

Moments, nay, seconds, later…

Knots, anyone?

Sweetgirl: “MAMA!!! My neckwace is all knottered up!  (How does she hear these words I say???)

Oh, yes indeedy.  I’m still working on em’.  I’ll keep you posted.  Or knot.

6 thoughts on “Newness and What-knot

  1. She has got some cute words! I came over from lumberjill’s blog and “got all handsome on” your blog yesterday. This morning I remembered one of my children throwing up fairly regularly and thought I would pass on my experience. My son was about 4 when we noticed he would get really pale for a day and then run a low-grade fever and throw up the next day.
    He needed rest – as in, go lie down for half an hour and possibly fall asleep for 2 hours. We found that if we insisted on the rest period when we saw paleness, he wouldn’t get sick. If family life was too busy and no nap was forced on him, he’d just get sick the next day or two. He grew out of it about a year later. Good luck with your little girl!
    Thank you for your blog writing! I read every entry!

    • Hi Ruth – thank you so much for sharing your son’s story and for the encouragement. I never did a follow up post because I wanted to preserve Sweetgirl’s dignity, but… 🙂 She ended up having major digestive issues and once resolved, we haven’t had a puke episode in over 5 months! I’m so glad you stopped by and are enjoying.

  2. I never correct that stuff. Eleanor is always asking me to “scissor this for me” or “needle this up.” And? I just removed some necklace knots earlier today.

    I’m really sorry about your dog. It’s hard – even when it’s time.

    See you next week!

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