All Aboard the BlogHer 12′ Train

I almost can’t contain my excitement as I start preparing for the trip to New York City for the BlogHer 12′ Conference in a few days, (thanks, Picante` Sauce commercial, I just can’t get the sound of that cowboy saying “New York City?” out of my head.).  I’m not really sure if I’m more thrilled to be child-free for 4 whole days or to have the opportunity to rub shoulders (but not literally of course, that would just be weird!) with some of the “giants”, in my eyes, of the blogging/writing world.

After reading thirty a couple of posts on what to wear (comfy shoes, anyone?)  and what not to wear, and what to focus on and what not to worry about, I think I’ve got a good list of goals nailed down.

  1. Actually get out of the house and into the car alone    That’s a good start, yes?
  2. Remember to pick up partner-in-crime    MTM, I wouldn’t really forget you.  I don’t think.  Call me if I’m not there by 10!
  3. Not get lost in the city   If I don’t call Sweetman and have to ask him to navigate me in some way, he’ll consider the trip a success.
  4. Ask a bazillion questions
  5. Soak up every stinkin’ minute of my time with all the peeps who so get what I love about blogging

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve got more than a few things I hope to accomplish once there, (finally decide which bird these feathers belong to after all, for one. Or, is it, which feathers this bird belongs to?)  And questions galore.  (What IS a “sparklecorn”, anyway? I’m assuming it’s fun to find out?)  But mostly, I just want to accomplish number 1.  That’s right.  Because at the rate things are going around here, Thursday morning is zooming toward me at warp speed; and I’m still laying on the tracks!

8 thoughts on “All Aboard the BlogHer 12′ Train

  1. I hope you totally enjoy this adventrue, you very much deserve it! Want to hear all about it over some pinot when you get back….xoxo

  2. Ithink you will have a wonderful time at BlogHer. Take it all in, for this is what you were always ment to do…because acting would take you away from your family “Sarah”! Have fun!!!

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