Role Reversal of Sorts

So, Sweetboy just asked:  “Mama, are you going to be in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens while you’re gone?”

And I replied:  “What?!?  How do you know the difference?”

Sweetboy: “Well, I forget how I know, but Manhattan is the biggest.  And could you take a picture of the Statue of Liberty for me? And don’t forget you have to take a ferry boat to the Statue of Liberty.”

Me:  “Uh, okay.

Sweetboy: “So, which one will you be in?”

Me: (Completely razzled now) “I have no idea! Can I get back to you on that one?”

Sweetboy: “Sure, but there are cool little markets in New York Harbor.  And there’s a little open green space where the Statue of Liberty is.”

Me: “Um… well, I don’t think I’ll have the extra time to make the ferry boat ride out to the Statue of Liberty, but if I get anywhere close to it, I’ll snap a picture for you.” (Hoping to High Heaven that will pacify him…)

Sweetboy:  “Okay… But, Mama?  Don’t go into any alleys between any condos or apartments to go anywhere, okay?”

Me: (My head is starting to hurt) “Okay, honey.  I won’t.”

Sweetboy:  “There could be stray cats in there. And all that jazz.”

Me: “You bet.  I wouldn’t want to meet any stray cats in any alleys in New York City!”

Sweetboy: “Which part of New York City will you be in again, Mama?”

At this point in the conversation, I politely excused myself to retrieve Mommy’s Sippy Cup and fill it with Fermented Apple Juice.

Me: “I’ll let you know when I’m done drinking my juice.”

Sweetboy: “That’s wine, silly Mama!”

Yes. Oh, yes indeedy, it sure is.  And thankfully, there’s more where that came from…

6 thoughts on “Role Reversal of Sorts

  1. Love that he was worried about the stray cats getting you. Sounds like he might have a bit of Stephen King in him. And i remember the picture I took of the Statue of Liberty from Manhattan with my Girl Scout Instamatic. She was very, very small in the photo. But I was still happy.

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