A Wee Bit O’ Packing

Because I am certain that you were all stupefied by my photography skillz in yesterday’s post, I thought to myself, “Self, what do my 7 friends and 8 family members want to see next on my blog?”  And you know what my self told me?  More pictures!  That’s right.  But, before you run screaming get too overly excited, I’ll give you a moment to decide whether you really want to waste 5 minutes reading on.  You do?  Fantastic.  I can count you as one more odd fig in our bunch. God sure does know how to make em’, doesn’t He?

We are leaving on Sunday for our Official Vacation.  Yes.  While The Nana and Captain Ahab are just dee-lightful to visit down in sunny F.L.A., we rent a beach house for a week with my in-laws for our actual “unplug and chillax” vacation.  And so, I will be gone all of next week.  Try to contain your enthusiasm sorrow.  And I will write about it. Oh yes, I will. I may even pop in here once or twice while I’m gone.  Since I’ll be vacationing with just about half of my Sweet Readers, I’ll be curious what the other half of ya’ll are up to.

So, let’s talk packing. I’ve been doing a wee bit of it and I gots to tell ya – I. Are. Tired.  Is anyone else exhausted after packing for a long-ish trip? I seriously feel like I could take a 3 day snooze after all of The Rounding Up.  True story.

Why, yes! That IS a garbage bag housing all of the linens and towels we are taking with us. We know how to keep it klassy.

I might be an odd fig, myself, because I like to lay items out as I think of them in an obvious location and then go back and organize them into the appropriate bags after I’ve piled them up in one location.  Does anyone else do this?  If not, I’m curious. How do you organize (or do you organize) your things for a trip?

I do, indeed, have a stragedy. It may not be a great one

Our bed, however, has paid the price for my “rounding up”.  I’m not quite sure where we’re going to sleep tonight.  Sweetman assures me the bed will cleared off.

Get the pukey bucket; our dressers threw up on the bed!

At the very least, by next week. Yes indeedy.  Next week, for sure.

7 thoughts on “A Wee Bit O’ Packing

  1. I organize differently for every single trip, but this time, I just gave everyone their own bag and said PACK! It seems to go pretty well. Surprisingly.

    So glad you get to go away with your family. Enjoy your time in Florida!

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