I Should Probably

Today, we went to Sweetboy’s school to take part in “Meet and Greet”.  This takes place the day before school starts each year.  It’s an event where students drag in all of the new schools supplies their parents have dropped a quarter of their monthly wages on and the parents clamor for the ear of their child’s newest teacher.  Or, in my case, I clamored for the exit door.  y’all! It was stinkin’ hot in there and I felt  my face melting right off of my body at an alarming rate.  (I should probably get that poor dear Teacher a fan for the classroom!) Sweetboy was also clamoring for the door because… Well, I think we’ve established that he despises school. And, the end of summer.  Also? School.


As we were leaving,  I was reminded of a life lesson that I’ve had to learn in many different ways and at many different times over the years.  You see, in my attempt to find something to brighten Sweetboy’s outlook on tomorrow’s start in the great grade of Three, I noticed that his teacher had a book out about a particular state, with a little sticky note attached telling everyone that this was where she grew up.  I thought, “Surely! Surely, this will grab the heart of my child.  My child who loves states and maps and geography.”  I pointed it out to him and encouraged him to ask his teacher about it.  He wouldn’t.


Me: “Sweetboy, isn’t that so cool that Mrs. Third Grade is from Overthere?”

Sweetboy: “Mama, everyone is from somewhere.  If I had to get excited about every place that every person is from, I’d have to be excited all the time!”


Indeed. I should probably stop trying so hard to turn that frown upside down.  And, I should probably remember that some are Tiggers and some are Eeyores.  And I should probably remember that it takes both kinds (and all sorts in between) to make the world go round. Oh, yes it does.

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