Sometimes Lobsters Are Blue

Having a child who is different, in any way, be it the way they look or the way they act, or both, can be tough stuff.  But not always.  Sometimes, it tickles your stinkin’ funny bone in ways other folks might find just plain odd.  The thinking that our son’s brain goes through to process an idea or a concept is best described in a post that another brave mama wrote about here.  Quirky is as quirky does.  And if you’ve read around here for any length of time, you probably already well know that our kid gets his quirk on pretty regularly.  And with more than a touch of The Funny.  Seriously?  I think he was blessed with the gift of The Funny; but then again, I may be a tad biased on his behalf.


Sweetboy comes up with some funny one liners.  They remind me of the comedian, Steven Wright‘s, stuff.  (I still laugh hard enough to tinkle when I think of his sketch about someone breaking into his apartment, stealing everything, and replacing it with exact duplicates.)  Sweetboy doesn’t realize it yet, though, because he doesn’t get how funny his thought process can be to other people.  This is ironic, as it lends itself to a deadpan delivery that makes whatever he’s trying to rationalize out loud even funnier.


The Nana walked right into one of these instances when she was out for a visit.  Sweetboy got off his bus, barely greeted us, and launched into a description of the latest animal they had learned about at school; a “deer mouse”.  And then this went down:

The Nana: “That’s a mouse that wears antlers, right?” (Nana and I are snickering furiously.)

Sweetboy: (Not one iota of snickering on his  part…) “No, it’s a particular kind of mouse that lives in the forest.”

Alrighty then.


And then, Sweetman and I walked into this one this weekend:

Me: “Sweetboy!  Look at this!  (It was a picture in a magazine of a blue lobster.) Did you know that one in 2 million lobsters are blue?”

Sweetboy: “That must be one very sad lobster.”


And we howled. Oh yes indeed. Thank you, God, for this smart, sweet, funny, boy.

Got kids?  What have they said lately that’s funny?

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Lobsters Are Blue

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  2. Your son sounds like so much fun and your love for him is so evident! Praise God for children, huh! They keep us young and bring so much joy! I also have many stories with my kiddos, but I really need to start writing them down, because I can’t think of one off the top of my head. Anyway, thanks for all your kind comments over at my blog! And I see you went to Blog Her…Yay, I bet that was fun! Okay, blessings:)

    • Aw, thanks Jaqui! The main reason that I blog in the first place is to record my children’s stories for posterity. Mainly my own, Ha ha. BlogHer was something else! I’m sure that the Allume’ conference will be amazing!

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