The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Saturday, we did this:


And after approximately 5 minutes of apple picking, my Sweetchildren declared that it was time for apple donuts.  Because, apparently, that’s why we really came.  That’s right, folks.  We win the parenting gold star.  Labor that lasts longer than 4.9 minutes is a glaring opportunity to demand sugar as reward for said labor.  Epic Parenting Fail.


Clearly, we have some more parenting work to do.  Oh, yes indeedy.


What about you?  Any Parenting Epic Fails you care to commiserate about?



12 thoughts on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

  1. Oh this is funny…and the comments made me laugh too! It’s a good thing God gave us a sense of humor, right?! My list of parenting fails is so long that it would take years to write it all down! How is that for hyperbole?! I only wish it were! 😛

  2. My toddler literally has been waking lately, saying “Donut! Donut!” He is so used to Dunkin Donuts lately, that he thinks thats for breakfast every morning. Yikes. Fail.

  3. My 2-year-old son watched the film Wall-E yesterday. Three times. When he asked to watch it a fourth time, I actually considered letting him, since we were still trying to complete a minor home improvement project. Epic parenting fail.

  4. We are riding an hour to do some furniture shopping with the kids in tow. They are fighting non-stop in backseat. Moments like these you wonder where it all went so terribly wrong.

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