Five Minute Friday – Race

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Of all the prompts to write about… I’ve been racing toward some prizes lately that are not meant to be mine.  I realized after reading a beautiful post about chasing dreams that aren’t yours the other day, that I’ve been doing just that.  And I pulled me up short.  Right there in the middle of one of my biggest race days.  I was flattened by sickness, depression, fatigue, and a host of other nasty things that come with doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons.


What’s a person to do?


Be still.  Psalm 46:10 reminds us to “Be still and know that I am God.”.  Yes, Lord.  Yes, Lord.  Yes yes, Lord!  I want to know deeply what it is I’m to be racing toward.  And I do.  I had forgotten.


I’ve noticed that different themes seem to pop up in my life, unwanted, at times that are impossible to ignore.  Does this happen for you, too?  There’s a song running through my head about “being still”.  I pick up a particular magazine for the first time in months and the first article you flip to is on getting “still”.  I have a convicting phone conversation with a trusted friend and mentor and she asks me pointedly if I’ve “taken the time to be still, lately?”.


Oh, Lord.  I am sorry.  Sorry because it took being flat-out busted to realize that I’ve been running on the wrong track.




*That post I mentioned above?  You can find it here, at Elevate Ideas.  And if that doesn’t stop you in your tracks and make you take pause…

16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Race

  1. Oh, I’ve been there too just yesterday and many, many days before!
    And like you, He’s been confirming that my path is my own and not always what I think it should be.

  2. I feel what you’re talking about here. “Less of me, more of You,” I’ve started whispering under my breath when I feel anxiety building. It’s hard. God be with you!

    • Thank you for sharing that “less of me, more of you” thought.” It’s a much-needed refrain that I often forget to keep running through my head as I “race” around.

  3. I LOVE this, because it’s so true: “I was flattened by sickness, depression, fatigue, and a host of other nasty things that come with doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons.” Girlfriend, this is the motto of half my life. Thank you for the reminder to be still. Even when you’re on the right track, it’s so easy to keep running — because it feels almost effortless and exciting — but even then the being still is even more vital. Love you friend!

    • Your post about Chasing Dreams really spoke right into my heart – and then to have this prompt, too. Ah… Effortless running is sometimes a devil in disguise now-a-days, isn’t it? So true. Love back at you, too girl!

  4. Literally…just had that SAME conversation of “wanting someone else’s dream to be my own” with my husband this week. Wow. Love how you wrote this. And love the link you shared. SOOOOO true. When we are rushed and hurried (as I too have been this week), I totally miss out on the tender walk with God as I attempt to “fit Him in” my schedule. Lord help us Be Still! A favorite quote of mine from the book “Celebration of Disciplines” is “Busyness is not OF the devil. It IS the devil.” You have totally been on my heart this week for some reason! Been missing our talks since I’ve taken my “BE STill” break! But, God is doing big things. And I’m still figuring out which dreams He wants me to pursue. And to wait and be patient as He fulfills His purpose. Love you lady. Seriously. And I’ve never even met you. (Let’s fix that pretty soon, okay?) :)- Bri

    • Sweet Brianne! Love back atcha!! And, I loved Celebration of Disciplines – and actually thought of that while writing, too. That line about the “tender walk with God” really touched me. Love that.

  5. Thank you so much for this food for thought. I completely agree about how themes can come over and over – sometimes I feel like it is the Lord saying, “Are you listening?” So much patience with me! may you find peace and release from the depression, fatigue and other nasties following you as you re-direct your focus and energy. Peace, Joanna

    • Joanna, thank you so very much! Ah, patience. Thank God He has it in spades – as He must use more than my quota of it on me daily.

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