She’s So Helpful

If mess, then Sweetgirl.  True story.  I give you exhibit A:

It was either Sweetgirl or that the armoire threw up. Hmmm…

I especially like the use of the booster seat to give her… what?  An extra vantage point?  And, please excuse the old-fashioned tube T.V.  We’re simply too lazy to upgrade.

And then, there’s exhibit B.  Sweetgirl decided to help me decorate for “Fall” in the kitchen. While I was not in the kitchen.  And wherein I should have been in the kitchen.

Why, thank you not at all.

I have much to teach, apparently.  Yes indeedy. Le sigh…

10 thoughts on “She’s So Helpful

  1. I think that’s the VERY SAME TV I had to get rid of… one year ago. I was/am so sad about its demise. It wouldn’t turn on anymore. Last night I was watching our fancy flat screen and thought, “Aren’t these people a little bit squished from top to bottom?” *sigh* I miss ‘real’ TVs.

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