Five Minute Friday – Take a Closer Look

How appropriate that today’s Five Minute Friday prompt over at Tales of a Gypsy Mama is “Look”!  This particular post marks my 100th!  One Hundred anything is big, y’all!  B.I.G. and I couldn’t be more excited to say “Lookee over here!  I’m hitting a milestone. Woot!”.  Celebrate with me, won’t you?


As Lisa Jo Baker would say, “Now, set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes to just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.”  Join in the writing fun!  Just click the badge below.






Take a closer look.”  Those are the words I hear being whispered in my ear, lately.  Each time I hear it, I get the shivers and think that this is it! I’ve officially started hearing things and my family is going to start doing more than worrying about my sanity.


But the reality is, that the Holy Spirit has been trying to get my attention for a good long while now.  He’s been trying to direct my gaze upward and get me to look at The Only One worthy of my gaze.  I’ve been awfully good at avoiding that whisper.  I’m quite deft at seeing my children (that insist on being fed three times a day), the friend (that needs some comfort and maybe a shopping partner-in-crime), the toilets (that are screaming to be scoured).  All of these things are worthy pursuits at some point along this road I travel called “Life”.


“There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1


But looking at the God who made me and taking a closer look at what He specifically made me for?  That is scary business.  What if I don’t like what I see?  What if I can’t see what He’s trying to show me clearly enough?  What if I can see and can’t see how I can possibly accomplish it?  What if I think I have a better idea?




Hold up now, Missy!


And then, I see it.  I see the reason for all of the whispers.  I get why the Holy Spirit has been doing everything He can to get me to look.  I’ve begun the slippery descent down the slide of Arrogance. When did my vision become so blurred by… Me?  I haven’t been able to take a closer look because I’ve been in the way.


And this is where I’m at today.  Removing myself for my line of vision.  And, Oh. My. Word!  No wonder I couldn’t see around me.  The “me” in my line of vision – my pride, my arrogance, my selfishness?  They so obstructed my view.


The things being whispered in my ear  help to clarify what it is I’m to be looking at. Who it is that I’m to be looking at.



16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Take a Closer Look

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  2. Missy, your toilets actually scream at you? I hear all the other things you do, except the toilets (which might explain why my little guy prefers to use the trees!).

    Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on 100!!

    • Oh no! Not 100 FMF’s, just 100 posts. I’ve actually only been doing the FMF’s for a couple of months. But thank you for visiting. Honesty is always my policy around here.

  3. Truly wonderful Missy and really made me think. That aside though, the thing that stuck out the most is… you only need to feed your kids three times a day??!! Mine are aking for food from morning till night!

    • Oh Corinna – sweet friend – you KNOW they like to eat more like 6 times a day. But alas, I only feed them 3. 😉 I’m so glad it gave you a little food for thought.

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