Week Wrap (Week In My Life 2012 Link Up)

We’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that this week; and I had committed to documenting it all via pictures and notes.  Newsflash: I took exactly 4 pictures this week!  I didn’t give up half-way through, so that’s something, right?


The lesson I learned is that while I’d love to be able to document every moment of just one week, my pea-brain can handle a couple of minutes here and there and then, poof! That lofty goal flies right out the window of my brain. Alas… Instead, I’m giving you (myself, really) a snapshot of random snippets during each day, Monday through Friday.   Indeed, even that proved a challenge. Without further ado, here’ s a look at our week.



  I walked Sweetboy to the bus stop at 7:20ish and headed straight back to the house to shower because I had the pleasure of visiting my Dermatologist for my bi-annual skin check at 9:30. That meant getting myself going and Sweetgirl all packed up to visit with a friend until it was time to drop her off at Preschool.  7:30 until 9:00 sounds like a lot of time in theory.  But, it wasn’t. I dropped her off with her friend and zoomed off to the Dermatologist.  Growing up in South Florida left me with some exciting spots and such.  Thankfully, none of them were acting up this year.  WOOT!  That means I won’t have to pull out my “I’m Allergic to Needles” speech again.  No picture. Sorry.  See how incredibly “with it” I was kicking off this venture?


was remarkable for how unremarkable it was.  Not. Even. Kidding.  After getting Sweetboy onto the bus at 7:23 in the morning, I hoofed it back up the street in time to make chocolate chip pancakes for Sweetgirl while I debated whether to get back into my pajamas or not.  Having just returned from our first full weekend away (in 2 years!) with Sweetman, sans kidlets, I felt rested and relaxed.  Maybe that’s why I considered it even remotely normal to climb back into my pajamas at 8:00 on a Tuesday morning?  All is know is that Sweetgirl looked downright delicious snuggled up on the couch with her stuffed animals and blanket in her pajamas and I just wanted to snuggle right in with her.  My time with this Sweetgirl of mine is tickin’ away, and I felt the strong desire to grab hold of it hard on this particular morning.  After some snuggle time, the sweet thing wanted to help me fold laundry.  Alrighty then.  While in the laundry room, we made a peculiar discovery.  What kind of moth or thingy is this?

Seriously. What is this?


was a little more exciting.  I dropped Sweetgirl off to Preschool around lunchtime and then stopped at the grocery store to grab a few devil dogs essentials. While there, I picked up a Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch.  I discovered a new flavor of the Pretzel Crisps I love.  Take a looky!  I might be in love…

My my, what have we here?


The rest of the day was plenty “spicy” too, though.  Both kids had their flu shots scheduled for 6:00 pm.  Not. A. Fan.  Of the needles or the time.  We roll with  it…  Sweetboy calmly informed Sweetgirl about 2 hours before departure that she would be getting a shot and it would hurt. What the what now???? She cried and tantrum ed and begged me to “not make me go there, mama!”.  Jeepers crow…  Needless to say, Sweetboy didn’t cry. I was very proud of how brave he was.  Sweetgirl, however… Well, let’s just say they could hear her in the next town over. ‘Nuff said.


is our cRaZy day!  I thank the Good Lord each night that we’ve survived it.  I have my Ladies Bible Study in the morning followed by a mad-dash, a couple of towns over, to get Sweetgirl to preschool on time.  I pick her up from preschool in time to get Sweetboy and two neighborhood cutie tooties at the bus stop.  We then go back to the house, eat a snack, do homework, and the kids play for about an hour while I play “52 pick up”; then the neighbor kids are picked up and we head off to soccer practice.  After soccer practice, we go home to rustle up dinner.  I don’t cook.  I can.  I just don’t.  Once in a blue moon I’ll cook stuffed peppers or lasagna roll-ups.  It’s a rarity. Just keepin’ it real.  Sweetgirl walked into the kitchen looking like this and I had to cease all The Busyness and snap a picture. Because, well, she’s stinkin’ cute and clearly, the hustle and bustle gets to her too.

“Where are we going next?” shoes.


Sweetgirl:  “Mama, I ready to go go go now!”

Me: “We’re all done for today, sugar.”

Sweetgirl: “Okay. Can I put your Go Shoes away now?”

Me: “Yes ma’am! Please do!”


… and then I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Friday is our Chillax Day.  I love it.  God breathes calm right back into me. Usually, it starts with a nice mug of coffee and some little something-or-other. Today, it was a whole grain eggo with Sunbutter and a sliced banana, with a big ol’ steaming mug of Caramel Vanilla Creme coffee.  Oh yes, indeedy!

Why yes, that is a paper plate. I don’t do dishes on Friday.


Sweetgirl and I did a major clean out of the basement playroom.  I didn’t think to snap pictures at the time, but trust me when I tell you – taking 4 big trash bags full of toys to the give and take shed at the dump?  Best. Feeling. Ever!  We came back home and did a little laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned the downstairs bathroom together.  By we, I mean “I”.  It’s all good. She’s four.  She’ll have plenty of time to help me clean when she’s five.  Right?  Once Sweetboy got home, we all had a snack break and talked about his day.  He’s Very Excited for our Halloween party this weekend and that school is done for the week.  I can honestly say, me too!


And in case you aren’t Bored. To. Tears. I’ll end it right there.  And if you weren’t bored to tears, they say to always leave “them” wanting more.  I’m not sure what in the blue blazes “more” might consist of. And I’m not sure I want to. That grand experiment was plenty for me, thank-you-very-much.  Next year, I’ll take at least one more picture. Indeed!

8 thoughts on “Week Wrap (Week In My Life 2012 Link Up)

  1. That “moth” is a beautiful “lacewing” – so pretty and green. I don’t think it is destructive or harmful at all, just something God made for something else to eat.

  2. You’re so funny! I love the captions on your pictures…they make me laugh out loud!
    And apparently this week, I don’t do dishes Tuesday through Thursday. I don’t even know how that is possible. Not cooking, I guess? 🙂
    I think this might be your “more”…why do you run between towns on a given day?! Where do you live? I mean, I understand you might not want to say exactly where…but, you have left me wanting, NO, needing more info! 🙂 I’m so nosy. I feel exhausted from running back and forth between my son’s school and home a couple times a day! (Three if I forgot his lunch.) (Four if it’s a Bible study day AND I forgot his lunch.) (That’s almost like running between two towns…)

    • Ha, Christina! Our church is in the town we used to live in about 25 minutes south. Sweetgirl goes to preschool in the town we now live in. I hears ya’ on the exhaustion of all the running around. Thank goodness for Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks!

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