Tonka Town Girl

Used With Permission


My Sweetgirl is so… me. She’s one of those play-rough-but-pretty-it-up kinda girls. She’ll gladly pull out the cars to “VROOM!” with the boys.  And Holy Moses, does she know how to wield a Pirate’s sword!  But, if left to her own devices for too long, she’ll have each and every dress-up dress pulled out and tried on, with different shoes for each. Mention that you’re going to paint your toes and she’s at the ready with the most sparkly pink polish she can find for her own piggies.  Jewelry?  Yes please!


Apprehension doesn’t quite capture my feeling for that moment when we found out we were having a girl.  “A girl!?  What in the world will I do with a girl?”, I said aloud. You see, I grew up hunting and fishing with Captain Ahab. It took me a good long while to start to appreciate my femininity.


Meanwhile,  The Nana swooned with relief. The grandchild count, so far, included only boys.  “No sweet little girls to dress up!”, she lamented on more than eleventy occasions.  “Who will I go shopping with?”, she was often caught whining asking. We all knew it wasn’t going to be me!


At the time, I had to set about rehashing all of the reasons why I was glad that God knit me together as a girl.  There were plenty, yes. But, I’ve had to learn a few of them along the way.  Haven’t we all?


So many prayers for this Sweet girl-child of mine… Not the least of which is that she’ll retain her sense of adventure while displaying her femininity proudly. Some of the things that I pray Sweetgirl will learn to appreciate, about being a girl, are things that I still pray for, for myself.


It should come as no surprise, then, that I found great joy when I found her playing with this:


Thank you, Grampy, for the nostalgia-inducing Tonka Tin!


I picked it up to put it away and heard a rattle inside.  I was curious.  Wouldn’t you be?  It’s always interesting to me to see what kind of “treasures” my kidlets like to stow away inside of things.  I opened it up and found this:



I couldn’t have planned that photo op better myself!


I do believe she’s going to turn out just fine and dandy.  Yes indeedy.


10 thoughts on “Tonka Town Girl

  1. I thought I commented yesterday! Maybe I left the page before it finished posting? Anyway, I said I love it! Michaela is like that…climbing trees in a skirt. Actually, she will not climb trees in a skirt because I say no, but she would if I let her. 🙂 And my youngest will just as soon play with cars as with dolls. She is often in the act of ninja-ing. Thank you, older brother. 🙂 She’ll be able to take care of herself, at any rate.

  2. I also thought about what to do with a girl — after all, I struggled so much (and still do) with self-esteem and confidence…how can I raise a girl in the age of the internet and Facebook?? (And praise the good Lord it didn’t exist when I was in high school and college.) But God has been faithful to grow me so that I can grow her, and I guess that’s the whole point anyway. 🙂

  3. That’s great!
    I realized that my own daughter’s personality is best described by her coats. She has two. One is bright pink with ruffles and a belt, the other is a boy’s bomber jacket. Go figure. It’s the perfect dichotomy.

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