Falling Back to Thankfulness

Used With Permission


We are about to “Fall Back” tonight. Sadly.  Sweetman’s thoughts on this sum up mine perfectly: “How depressing. That means I’ll be coming home from work in the dark for the next 5 months.”  For crying out loud! Why do we still do this “time change” thing, again?


But, in my effort to remind myself of all that there is to be thankful for this month, I’m going to try to focus on the good in this.  There is good in this.  I’m gonna mine deep, people.


Bedtime comes earlier.  And at this stage of parenthood, I am beyond thankful for that. Do I really need to elaborate?  I think not.


With Fall comes all things pumpkin.  And I am so stinkin’ thankful that God created the pumpkin. Without it, I wouldn’t have my beloved pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie; to name a few.


God endowed me with a strong “homebody” gene.  In case you didn’t know this about me, I like to be at home folks; the extroverted introvert that I am.  Dichotomy though it may be, ’tis true. My Southern roots betray me on more than eleventy occasions up here, in New England.  I like to just sit a spell and visit with people. Once we Fall Back, people are outside less and inside more.  Now, to those of your dear souls who love the great outdoors and the fresh air and all that jazz, this may seem like a mini-death sentence.  Not so for me.  Oh, no indeed.  This just means that I can visit people more often.  At their homes.  Because they are home.  Not out and about.  We can sit a spell.  See how nicely that works?  And, I’m so thankful for that.


I feel better already.  Off to make some pumpkin muffins and then sit a spell with some neighbors. Yes indeedy, because that’s what us southern transplanted New Englander’s do, y’all.

10 thoughts on “Falling Back to Thankfulness

  1. Missy, your posts always cheer me up and I am totally craving pumpkin now! I have been thinking all day how good it is to look at the blessings of life when faced with something unwanted or unfulfilled desire. It can be hard to turn those thoughts around, but it is always so worth it! I think my joy was lacking this week because I was grumbling over losses rather than rejoicing in the many gifts I’ve been given. Hope you have a great Sunday, friend! Blessings!

    • Jacqui- I’m so very glad this cheered you up. If I had a magic carpet (ha), I’d zoom over a hot pot o’ pumpkin coffee and we could sit a spell, ourselves!

  2. Totally with you! I dread it being dark at four and not being able to open the windows, yet also like hibernating a bit and visiting. I do wish winter was a month or two long though–by the time March rolls around I’m so over it!

  3. Wish we could share a cup of Pumpkin-Spiced coffee together as we nosh on Pumpkin Muffins! I’m with you on the love of winter — although I love that it gives me an excuse to stay in altogether. 🙂

    • Oh Lady- if we could share pumpkin coffee together that would be a blast. Someday… Until then, I’ll enjoy the comfort of my couch all winter long.:)

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