Fever Pitch

There’s a song by Artist Chris Rice, that has been running through my mind on repeat lately. Maybe, it’s because of the rabid last ditch effort of each political party.  Maybe it’s because if I read one more “My Guy Is Better Than Your Guy and Here’s Why” post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or piece of mail, I might lose my mind. I’m not sure.


Here’s what I am sure of: never have I been more clear about some of the lines I’m willing to draw in the sand; or sides I am going to choose each and every time.  And, regardless of where my friends and family find themselves after those lines have been drawn or sides have been chosen, I still love them.  I pray that love can be returned.  But, if not, I hope I can indeed remember that “Louder doesn’t make me right.”


Wednesday can not come soon enough. Amen?




2 thoughts on “Fever Pitch

  1. When I first read the beginning of your post, I had Chris Rock in my head. I think it would be a little different. 🙂
    I am beyond ready for this thing to be over…and yet, I’m thinking that even when Tuesday has come and gone, it will be far from over. We had a guest preacher yesterday who repeated again and again that no matter what it looks like around us, Jesus is still on the throne. It was a good reminder. (He was also speaking from a place of deep belief, grew up Muslin in Iran, left as a teen during the revolution in the ’80s, came to believe in Jesus after studying the Bible and the Koran in Portugal, and has been a Pres. minister for half his life.)
    Anyway, I would rather listen to Chris Rice over Chris Rock any day. And each time I wrote “Chris” just then, it came out “Christ” which is probably the best one of all. 🙂
    P.S. I will not write anything political on Facebook. Nope. No way. No sir. No thanks.

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