Quiet (Five Minute Friday)

It’s that day of the week again: Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo Baker’s place. It’s fast becoming my favorite day to write. It might be partly because I know that I can write for just 5 minutes, link up in just 2 minutes, and then get lost in the beautiful sea of words from all of the other writers taking part for as long as I wish to.  Mostly, though, it’s because I can focus in on one simple word and just let my mind wander all over it.  I just love a good Mind Wander, don’t you?


Click on the little button below to join in the fun.  You’ll get some major food for thought, a giggle or four, and possibly even a tear or two.  It’s worth every click!




The snowplow rumbles by and it is so very not quiet.  I roll over and peek at the clock. 5:05!  Nooo, Lord! Please, just let me roll right back over and fall back to sleep.  Just one more hour. Please, please, Lord!  This mama can’t make it on 6 hours of sleep.  You made me this way, Lord.  You created me to be a 8-9 hours-a-night kinda’ girl!

Get up, Child.

I roll back over.  I close my eyes.  I pray for sleep.  My eyes are heavy, but my mind Will. Not. Be. Quiet!

It’s time to get up, Child.

Thy Will be done, Lord.  Dern it!

Save the cursing for… never, Child.

I pad downstairs to fire up the computer.  I might as well use this unseemly hour to get some writing done. I have a great idea percolating in my mind for a funny story about…

It’s not there! I search and search and search my mind and I Can. Not. Find it!

I had something else in mind.

I know it’s early, but c’mon! I’ve propped my eyes open with toothpicks and everything! And I’m eager to use this time wisely.

Then do.

What was that idea?  Why can’t I remember those words? Where did they go??

I’ve already written them.

This is so annoying! I know I had a great idea.  Dern, Dern, Dern it all!

The cursing again?

Oh, Lord, what am I supposed to be doing at this o-dark-thirty hour?

I’m waiting for an answer here.  Am I supposed to just be quiet?  Not do anything??

Finally… Thy Will be done.


15 thoughts on “Quiet (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Oh, Missy, I just love your posts! I woke up at five this morning, too! And I pretty much had the same thoughts…! I love that you can find humor in the hard! And I love that you have that kind-of relationship with the Lord! He’s constantly working in my heart to lighten up; laugh a little! Thanks for sharing! Praying for a restful day! xo

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