Should I Be Concerned?

That these are the sorts of things that Sweet Friends kept dropping off for Birthday presents?  Anyone care to come over and help me share in the “bounty”?  For the love of my waistband, please?


I omitted the other 2 boxes of Devil Dogs that arrived. No need to be excessive…


I’m thankful for the beautiful friendship that each one of these gifts represent.  And I’m doubly blessed by the fact that they love me despite the fact that these are the types of gifts I treasure.  Along with their friendship, of course.  Because, to say I just treasure Devil Dogs and White Wine would be rude.


I would also like to add that I am quite thankful that my Sweetman did not see fit to include the number of candles on the cake that would be necessary to accurately capture my age.  The Fire Department also wishes to thank him.  Oh, yes indeedy, they surely do!


Have a wonderful weekend Sweet Friends!

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