Thankful Heart and Waistband


Give Thanks

As you head into this day of Thanksgiving, I hope it is filled with family that are friendly and friends that are like family.  I hope you have enough stretch in your outfit to accommodate some extra helpings.  I hope you are able to share your bounty with someone who has none. And I hope are able to find much to be thankful for on this day.

I am thankful for the Yoga pants that are going to get a major workout today.  I am more thankful for The Gammy who is selflessly giving of herself to cook for her family.  I am thankful for the welcoming home of my mother and father-in-law that is awaiting us.  I am thankful that we will be able to hug the necks of our brother and sister-in-law and niece and nephew.  (We only wish it could be all of them!)

But most of all, I am thankful to be able to think of So Very Many Things for which to be thankful.  That is a blessing, indeed!

*And just for Captain Ahab – I almost scored a wild turkey for you.  No, no, no, not with a 12 gage.  With my car.  I was this close! *

Gobble Gobble!

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