Diet Math

I’ll keep it short and sweet.  My patience is thin and my brain is still working out the fuzzies.  Apparently, “carbo-loading” is only for athletes. Not for mothers of 4 year olds who insist they are 13 or 9 year olds who insist that 7 x 8 = 46, despite how many ways of Sunday you attempt to show them otherwise. Who knew?


I am attempting to detox from All Of The Deliciousness that took place last week.  We are leaving for Disney World in T minus 2 weeks and 3 days.  I feel it necessary to walk around the parks in something other than my largest pair of yoga pants and baggiest sweatshirt.  Who’s with me?


I have concocted the following formula to help me in this endeavor:



No, no, no.  I jest.  My formula is more along the lines of simply eradicating Devil Dogs from my diet.  I figure that should net me a 10 pound loss in 2 weeks.  Not unreasonable, right?(Believe me! If you could see the rate of my Devil Dog consumption of late?  You might be tempted to agree. Sadly…)


This mad-hatched formula was introduced on Sunday evening.  I’d like to state, for the record, that so far, everyone in my home is breathing and no one has threatened to turn me in to the Diet Police for infractions involving Devil Dogs.  It has required much restraint on my part. Just, you know… for the record. Oh, yes indeedy.


To recap:


Goodbye to these:

For now! Of course, only for now…


And hopefully, hello to a far friendlier number on the scale.  Soon.


Like, maybe tomorrow?


Too hopeful?

What healthy habits are you picking back up now that the Triptofan Oblivion has worn off?

12 thoughts on “Diet Math

  1. That’s what I used to do too. When I was young and much stronger. I would eliminate sweets and chips from my diet and lose 5 pounds in two weeks. Now it doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect — so I don’t bother. One of the main problems with me and eating healthy is preparing good things takes TIME. And when I am hungry, I don’t have time to go to garden, pick some greens, prepare them and let them cook for an hour. So I’m trying to get better about making a huge pot of soup, sticking my green veggies in there and heat that up all week. Make you some good soup and live on that till Disney. At least you’ll be warm.

  2. I have been waffling forEVER about calories and exercise. Blech. I was highly motivated in the spring. I think it’s because bathing suits were in my future, and at that point I could wear none of the ones I owned. NONE. At any rate, I lost ten pounds in two months. And now I’ve gained them back in two months. At least it took the same amount of time. I would have felt super rotten if it had only taken two weeks to pack them back on. 😛
    Maybe I’m going to get in your boat… (Yes, I did mean the double entendre.)

  3. Best of luck to you on your no Devil Dog diet. I hope it works. I am confident in your ability to resist temptation and avoid chocolate + cream confections.

    What is it about carbs that is so enticing? On Thanksgiving and the day after, all I ate were carbs with only two bites of turkey. I was craving carbs like crazy and usually it is the opposite for me.

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