Fur Real (Tree)?

There is much talk across Ye Old Blogosphere about Christmas Trees.  For those of my Sweet Friends that don’t celebrate Christmas, feel free to read on and snicker at the antics that us Christmas Tradition following folks will go through during this Happiest of Decorating Holiday Seasons.  Go ahead.  I give you free reign on the snickering.


The biggest question, of course, is whether to go with a real or a fake Christmas tree.  I have my own delusions of grandeur here; but, having a child with allergies dictates that you change all sorts of things that you never thought you would.  Or could.  (Nutella, how I loved you so…)


I may as well admit, up front, that I am a real tree kinda’ gal. All. The. Way. (Except for when the pine needles start dropping. Then, I’m wishing really hard that it will turn into a fake tree.  Miraculously.  Because, this is the season of miracles, is it not?)


Tree decorating should be an Olympic event, don’t you think?  Especially when you see trees that look spectacularly decked out.  (I’m left wondering where on earth the time is found to decorate to the nines???) Even better, when you see trees that are all white. (Whose homes do those stay white in???)


Or, GASP, Fur trees.  It’s true.  I am sad to report that I actually saw a fur tree in a catalog recently.  Fur.  On a Christmas tree.  Now, I’m all for fancy tinsel.  And I can even go for some of those brightly colored big bulb lights. The whole peacock themed thingy going on lately? I can actually get behind the bright beauty of that, too. But a fur tree?  Fur real?  Why?


Maybe one of y’all can explain the appeal to me?  Like, maybe it just goes in a bedroom because you want to create a sense of “warmth”?  I’m grasping at feathers here, folks.  Enlighten me.  Please.


It’s all good though, because, when all’s said and decorated, we’re pretty stinkin’ happy with the results at our house.


All is calm,

All is bright;

With nary a hot pink

Feather in sight.



If you're allergic to feathers, this tree will be just fine.

If you’re allergic to feathers, this tree will be just fine.

8 thoughts on “Fur Real (Tree)?

  1. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! I don’t think we’ll have a tree this year (for mainly practical reasons, space being the first one). But seeing yours makes me wish that I might change my mind. 🙂

    • Thanks Christina. I could NOT imagine not doing any kind of tree at all. And we have no business having one -as we won’t be around this year to enjoy it. Sigh… more needles for me. yay…

  2. I am a real tree girl. BUT…with our annual Christmas travels, we have caved and gone the fake tree route. We used to decorate the real tree and take it down before Christmas so we wouldn’t come home to a dead Christmas tree. Of course I don’t know which is worse, taking down a Christmas tree before Christmas or coming home from your visit with the fam to a dead tree and needles all over your living room.

    • Sigh… I hear you about the pine needles all over. Yup. They’ll be “decorating” our entire living room by the time we get back from our travels. Oh joy.

  3. Your tree looks really, really pretty. I’m a fake girl myself. I love the whole chop down your own tree idea, but I had a real tree that gave me some of the worst asthma attacks of my life and I’m all about the plastic now, white plastic to be exact; however, part of my heart longs for a flocked tree. Flocked, yes, you heard right. I just can’t help myself. Maybe one day I will have a house big enough for two trees. How fun would that be?


    • Why, thankee. We did the fake tree one year. I was okay with that. Then we had to one year, and I was okay with it again. Then, I got a whiff of some real trees and thought, “Oh, YEAH!” I miss that! 2 trees would be a lot of work. If I could hire someone to do the take-down, then I’m totally down with that. 😉

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