It’s Time For an Elfervention

It’s an intervention for elves. In particular, it’s for the elves that have fallen and can’t get up. It all began one cold wintery December morning (yesterday) when the wee and not-so-wee sweet children awoke to find that their beloved elf hadn’t moved. Again. Like, for the third morning in a row. This was cause for major alarm around here. Or, at least, that’s what the shrieks and groans and other such noises coming from said sweet children told me.


This called for some quick thinking on the part of the Mama.  I know there are those that think well on their feet.  I?  Do not.  Especially, when my feet haven’t even hit the floor yet and the clock says it’s 6:03 a.m.  I’m sorry.  My brain just doesn’t work well at that hour.


Here’s what I came up with:


Sweetboy:  “Mama, Jack didn’t move.  Again.”

Me:  “I’m sorry buddy.  Maybe we need to call Santa and ask for back-up on this mess.”

Sweetgirl:  ” (giggle, giggle, giggle) “CALL for BACK-up.  Whatchu mean, Mama?”

Me:  “You know?  Call and ask Santa to send in reinforcements.  Another elf to help Jack get out?”

Sweetboy:  “You can CALL Santa?”

Me:  (Thinking, oh-mah-word, is it too early for wine?) Um, yes.  ONLY Mamas and Daddies can.


Now, at this point, the kids both turned away from me and started talking to the elf, explaining to him my plan.  (I’m pretty sure he heard it all just fine the first time around.  And I’m also pretty sure the word reinforcements was changed to me-informants.)  But, far be it from me to interrupt them.  This allowed me to make a quick escape to the coffee pot.  Today was Thursday, after all. Our crazy day.  We needed to be out the door in an hour.


So, we did all we needed to do to make a timely exit toward the start of our day.  And when we got back, another elf was waiting for us on our doorstep.  Seriously.  And his name was Ralphie.  We were told that he was crashing a couple of doors down.  (Apparently neighborhood elf gossip reaches down the street quicker than people find out about things like the Duchess of Cambridge’s pending pregnancy!)


I left to take the Sweetgirl to school and then run some errands.  After picking up brother from the bus stop later this afternoon, we all returned home to find out that Jack and Ralphie?  They’d been bizee!


Oh, the places we’ll go, Jack!


I’m guessing that “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”  is like “The Princess Bride” for elves?  I may not be a mindful mover of the elf, but I’m pretty certain I nailed the Elfervention. Don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “It’s Time For an Elfervention

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  2. This made me laugh! I’m a stinker. We will have no elves on any shelves (or ceiling fans, or in bottles, or spilling cereal, or writing on pictures, or scattering powdered sugar, or lighting fires). It’s fun to see what other people’s elves are up to, though. 🙂

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