Let The Fleecing Begin

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce. We are T-24 hours until we leave for our Big Disney World Trip. Otherwise known as, The Trip in Which We Are Fleeced By The Mouse. Unfortunately, this very week, Sweetgirl has made it to preschool exactly zero times. She’s had a rotten cold. I’ve lost track of how many Grand Nose Explosions I’ve mopped up. And I kept assuring her, as I nuzzled in and showered her with kisses, snuggled her and wiped her snoot, that “Mama’s can’t get sick”. I lied. We can. I’m now living proof. Sigh…


Thus, we’ve only been doing a tiny bit of this:


The kids are almost done.  Almost...

One of the 3 bags are done. And I have a whole ‘nother 12 hours. Plenty of time…


The beginnings of the Toiletries Jungle.

The beginnings of the Toiletries Jungle.


And a whole stinkin’ lotta this:


That's just the basket from ONE room!

That’s just the basket from ONE room!


We are, apparently, in Mass Production mode of nose goop. Lord, may it end soon. Flying out tomorrow morning is going to be, um, an adventure? It’s a good thing I’m a praying kinda girl, because, I’m going to be doing a whole bunch of it between now and tomorrow’s take-off. In fact, I think it would be best if I just lay down right here, face to the ground and stay that way. It’s actually way more comfortable anyway.


So… until next week, when I hope to give you a fun little update Live With Mickey and The Gang, I bid you Achoo!


8 thoughts on “Let The Fleecing Begin

  1. Have a magical day!
    NO really, I hope you are all miraculously goopy free by tomorrow am and that you have a wonderful, germ free time. Take lots of pics! And remember, they sell booze in Epcot, Animal Kingdom AND Universal Studios. WOOP!

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