Sponges Will Save the Earth

We are making an effort to lessen our trash output. Why? For starters, when you’re driving through your neighborhood and down your street, and you notice that you are the only ones who have both trash barrels out and packed to the brim? That’s a clue. We go through paper towels and napkins around here like most people go through, ahem, other things.


I do indeed believe that part of our job while we are here on this Big Beautiful Earth is to take care of it. It’s just that, with kids? Well, it takes some major effort and thought and planning. I admire those of you who are “green” to the extent that I know some of you are. And I’m hoping a little of your Greenery will rub off on me this coming year.


The one strategy I do have to cut down on the waste? I cut my sponges in half. The Nana taught me this. Those hand-sized green (or pink or purple, if you’re fan-cee like that) sponges are more often than not, too big for the task at hand. If you cut those suckers in half, you get a perfectly sized little sponge that still does all of the “spongey” type things you need it to, and gets into harder to reach places. Because it’s small like that.


Clearly, it's not Rocket Science!

Clearly, it’s not Rocket Science!


But, that’s all I got, folks. I’ve tried making my own yogurt (epic fail). I even gave making my own laundry detergent a try. (Beyond Epic Fail and Sweetboy’s skin revolted in the most awful way!) I’m more interested in learning the little tips and tricks that y’all have actually used. With, you know, success.


I’m doing my part to save the Earth one mini-sponge at a time. Because, who knows? Maybe sponges will save the Earth? I jest. We all know that the return of Hostess will save the Earth, right?


In the meantime, can you help a girl out? What are your favorite Green Strategies for around the house?

9 thoughts on “Sponges Will Save the Earth

  1. I conserve in many ways… mostly water and electricity. I was a child in the 70’s when everyone learned conservation – as a benefit not only to yourself, but your neighbor.
    For instance, electricity rates are based on usage – not just by you, but by the neighborhood. Running your dishwasher after 7pm, after peak usage hours creates less demand and less demand results in less cost per kilowatt hour for everyone.
    Sorry to say, this isn’t that era and it’s hard to convince others… email me for more ideas

  2. I cut my brillo pads into fourths, I use them so infrequently. I put small boxes into big boxes into bigger boxes in my recycling so it looks like I only have one or two boxes.

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  4. My paltry contributions: use all plastic bags from groceries as waste basket liners for house (except for kitchen – need more durability ); always throw chicken carcass in pot with carrot, onion and make my own chicken broth; and use Philips energy saver light bulbs in all my sockets.

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