The Most Magical Place on Earth

I was mostly mainly a “believer” before; that Walt Disney World was The Most Magical Place on Earth. But, in all seriousness? It was. And still is. God surely endowed Walt Disney with brilliance and foresight, because his ability to inspire the imagination and thrill the senses was without equal. In the words of Sweetman, “I’m ready to go back!” (And this from the one who heard each “cha-ching” as if it was an approaching rattlesnake!)




I want to start by saying that the new Art of Animation Hotel is fantastic. That is where we stayed, and in the Nemo Suites, to be exact. It was delightful. On every level. The food choices for the kids were pretty great, overall (especially with one uber-picky eater in the bunch and the other one with a nut allergy!). And the Sweetkids enjoyed the splashpad and zero-entry pool (and hourly pool activities) so much so, that we had to carve out a little time each day to “chillax” there. It was a tough job people, but someone had to do it.


Sweetboy would tell you that the New Fantasyland was his Absolute Favorite place to be (beside Space Mountain, of course!). We all rode the new Barnstormer ride, well… a “few” times. It is a delightfully short roller coaster that the whole family was able to go on. Even Sweetman! It was a Christmas miracle, y’all. Just sayin’.


Sweetgirl would tell you that the New Fantasyland was her Absolute Favorite, as it had the new Under the Sea (or, “Ariel Ride” as she would call it) and the new Enchanted Tales with Belle adventure. Although, the Akershus Hall “Dinner with the Princesses”, in Norway, at Epcot, would rank right up there, too. (This has to be one of the best kept Princess Dinner secrets of Disney World!) It was an incredibly interactive dinner; and the personalized attention that each Princess gave each child was just a joy to watch. Truly. It made me want to be a Princess. For 45 whole minutes! True story.


And Sweetman and I simply must, as the parents of a child with a nut allergy, give a huge shout-out to The Palace Restaurant, in the Magic Kingdom. We had lunch there one afternoon. Besides the fact that Sweetman asked the chef for the recipe to “the best meatloaf he’s ever had, ever!”, the level of care and concern they took to provide options for our nut-allergic Sweetboy were stellar. And the chef made numerous visits out to us to check and see how things were going. (And, I’m certain it wasn’t because he was asked for the meatloaf recipe. Really!) Fabulous. Just fabulous. We were so grateful.


And here are some pictures to give you a little idea of the fun that was had by all.




All “being fleeced by The Mouse” joking aside, Walt Disney World really is the most magical place on earth. Oh, yes indeedy! And we’re already plotting a return. Before 2020! I know. Right?

8 thoughts on “The Most Magical Place on Earth

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    • Jamie, growing up 3 hours away, you’d think I’d be so “over it”, myself. It never ceases to amaze me the joy it can bring even a really big kid’s heart. 🙂

  2. Glad you had such a great time, Missy! We went in October 2011 and we all want to go back! We did the Princess Breakfast at the same place in Epcot. I will never forget the look on Sarah’s face when Snow White took her hand and they led the parade around the room…. And then we got pictures too! Disney is expensive but in most cases it is worth every penny! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

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