Shake a Leg

This parenting thing can be tough and tender, can’t it? Sometimes, we feel like we need the patience of Job and other times our children make us feel as pleased as punch! One of the particular joys of having this Sweetboy of ours, in our family, is the laughter that he brings with him.  The laughter comes both from him and because of him.
Case in point? Our Sweetboy continues to have a hard time understanding idioms. It happens far less frequently now that he’s almost double digits, but when he was preschool-aged, we’d often compare him to a second-language learner.  He was baffled by phrases like “That will be a piece of cake!” or “she’s laying it on pretty thick.” (Sweetgirl is really gifted at that one.)  Once, upon hearing that I was “dancing around the issue”, he stared at me for a good long minute before finally announcing that, “Mama is not dancing.  She’s not dancing at all!”. 
Oh, that Sweetboy of ours; he is so often a blessing in disguise.
Moments where words are unintentionally spoken, without paying attention to the little ears in the room, can also make for some very uncomfortable explanations afterwards. Try explaining why “happy hour” isn’t an hour full of only being happy. Or, upon announcing to Sweetman that “Sweetgirl’s shrieking is going to drive me to drink!”, why Sweetboy doesn’t need to bring you a cup of water. Oh, thank you child. I was hoping for a little fermented apple juice, but water will do just fine. For now…
We’ve worked hard to teach Sweetboy idioms because they are everywhere. His teachers and therapists have also worked hard to help him make sense of his verbal world. And it’s all paying off! How do I know?
Just yesterday morning, as we were rushing around to get out the door for church, I hollered gently reminded him that he needed to “shake a leg” or we were going to be late. And…
He did!
And I was proud as a peacock.
Do you have any proud as a peacock moments with the kids in your life?

4 thoughts on “Shake a Leg

  1. My son is extremely literal, almost to the point where it drives me nuts. We’ve had a lot of splainin’ to do ourselves. At 13 he’s caught on. Unfortunately, he’s also caught on to sarcasm.

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