If You’re Not Careful…

Things can happen.
You might remember that I often say the “mishaps are a’plenty”. Here’s your proof. Today’s mishaps:
And I’d like the record to reflect that it’s only 9:00 a.m.!
While Mama’s busy surfing the web researching, little girls who apparently still need reminders to “take care of business” might do this:
Then, when you are intentionally paying attention and making sure to include said child in your cleaning plans, she might get the urge to help you decorate. Like this:


“Doesn’t it look beautiful Mama?”

I could tell you it’s all part of my plan to parent with more intention…
But we all know dern well that that’s not the case.
Apparently, I need to be much more careful and mindful. Here’s to that!
Happy Tuesday Sweetfriends!

4 thoughts on “If You’re Not Careful…

  1. Thanks for the laugh! I needed it this morning, and it’s only 9:14. Not a fabulous morning in my house either, but your story is way funnier than mine.

    By the way, my daughter decorates the same way. She’s like a hurricane of junk.


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