Hello Monday – Indeed!

Today is my one year blog-iversary!  True story.  And I couldn’t be happier that you’ve joined in on this journey with me.  I look forward to all that the next year has in store, blogwise and otherwise.

Hello Monday! You are a welcome sight. The weekend was far longer than we had hoped it to be – emotionally.

Hello sore stomach muscles.  To close our Less Than Stellar weekend, Sweetman and I decided it was time for some comic relief.  We watched Jim Gaffigan’s Mr. Universe.  Wordamercy, that man is funny.  And he keeps it so clean 99% of the time that I don’t mind trading sore muscles for some much needed laughter.

Hello slow half of the week.  I am pleased to spend time with you.  God knew you were just what I needed before the craziness that is to come, didn’t He?

Hello shower cap.  I haven’t seen one of your kind in so long, that I had to ask the lady behind the drugstore counter where to look for you. You and I will be tight this week as I paint.  You protect my hair and I’ll protect you from Sweetgirl.  Deal?

EDITED 1/19/15 – I have removed the photo of the shower cap by request of the original owner. Please see the owner’s website for photos of this adorable shower cap AND a tutorial on how to make it! http://www.wagdoll.co.uk/2011/10/frilly-shower-cap-and-one-that-went.html#more

Hello foyer.  I intend to paint you this week.  It was supposed to happen this weekend.  Other things did, instead.  Unplanned things. We would much rather have been painting.


Hello phone.  You will be getting quite the workout this week.  Indeed! I’ll try to give you breaks when you get too hot – but I can’t promise anything.

What would you like to say “Hello” to, this Monday morning?

I am participating in Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday link up.  Hop on over to get a flavor for what others are saying Hello Monday about.  Or better yet, say “Hello Monday”, yourself, and link right up.


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Indeed!

  1. Hmm, I could’ve used that shower cap when I was painting that red desk! I had some new, fun red highlights I wan’t planning on! Heritage red highlights are all the rage now! (No.)

    Sorry for your rough weekend. Here’s to a fresh start to-day!

  2. Sorry your weekend was not so stellar. Hopefully your week gets much, much better.

    That shower cap is adorable! I actually use one. Can’t wash my snakes every day, so a shower cap is the perfect solution for me. My shower cap is not nearly as cute.

    Nice colors. Best wishes on your painting endeavor. I have some painting projects in Que and I’m looking forward to getting those projects done.

    Happy Blogaversary! You’ve done incredibly well this year.

    • Thank you Mrs. Fringe !! You all Have made this adventure so fantastic. I’ll keep you posted on the painting. Hopefully the shower cap doesn’t get completely ruined!

  3. Hello bed, where I will crash tonight at approximately 8:59 since I’m beat from a crazy weekend of driving at least 500 miles. 😉 (But I got cute hair out of the deal, and a fabulous date night with my girl, so it’s all worth it.)

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