Finding Out I Belong on an Episode of Hoarders

Hi. My name is Missy, and I’m a Hoarder. Of greeting cards. I’m not sure how, or even when, this travesty began for me. Truly. But it has become painfully obvious that I need an intervention.

Because I like to do exciting things in my downtime, like clean out cabinets that haven’t been investigated since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I found myself knee-deep in my “hold-all bin”.  Please, tell me that you have one, too? In our house, it’s the bin that holds bills, checkbooks, sewing kit, deck of cards, extra reading glasses that no one ever remembers we (I) own,  library cards from the town we used to live in 18 years ago, and whatnot.

And here is what I came to realize.

I have a greeting card addiction problem.  I give you, Exhibit A:

Card Hoarder

Would you care for a card?

Greeting card after birthday card after “Happy 2nd Birthday, Daughter” card (and my Sweetgirl is going to be FIVE people!) was pulled out.

Oh. My. Lanta!

The case against me was building quickly. With each anniversary card that I pulled out, I became more and more apprehensive about my ability to ever be left alone in the presence of a greeting card store without a chaperone, again.  I present Exhibit B:

Anniversary Card Hoarding

Here are the five I can show you.

No need to send in the cavalry.  Sweetman walked into the kitchen and literally stopped up short, mouth hanging open.  When he had composed himself, he said, and I quote, “Honey, you might have a problem.”


14 thoughts on “Finding Out I Belong on an Episode of Hoarders

  1. I’ve definitely done this!! I found Mother’s Day cards for grandmas one year, about 11 months after Mother’s Day. On my kitchen island. Under all the other stuff that was there. Bought and forgotten. Sigh.

  2. I’ll support you here… you have a problem. You need intervention. That library card has to go.
    As for the greeting cards … I’m SURE the kids could help use those for collages for homemade cards….
    We have lived in this house almost 9 years and I am overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF we have. All completely useful, but still! We are former military and I’m a purger…I’m so ashamed *sigh*
    We need help…
    : ) Thanks for the chuckle…again!

    • Oooh, Sue, that’s a brilliant idea. Sweetgirl is totally into the “arts and crafts”, whatever they are. These will make great crafty kinda stuff for her. I’ll get right on the disposing of the library card. The irony is, I usually AM a purger. Sweetman reminds me, often, not to touch his stuff when I’m in a “clearing out” mood.

    • Oh, I’ve purged my husband’s stuff before.. and once it was his saxophone… and it will haunt me forever! : )
      I’m a craft-a-holic … I even attend a camp for a weekend where we make leisure crafts all weekend long!
      More in common – you and I – yes indeedy!

    • Oh Sue – that’s a whole ‘nother post! There are 3 “purge” episodes that have to do with Sweetman that he will not let me live down. Ever. I feel ya, sister!

  3. Love:) yes we have a hold all drawer too!! You are not alone;) I the only cards I have saved is when we got married, we have 300 guest imagine the pile!! And when my kids were born and first birthdays I just can’t get rid of them!! Oh and the homemade cards from the kids nope those ill keep forever! I feel your pain!!

    • Jenn, I’m with you. Some (ahem, ALL) of the cards I get from the kids and hubs are kept in various secret locations. I’ll find them after the computers no longer roam the earth. 😉

  4. Hoaders? Oh, I don’t think so. Look how neatly you’ve arranged all those cards just so they can be photographed. They’re even all tucked nicely into their envelopes and everythings. And there are no rat droppings, cat feces, dirty diapers, or pizza boxes from 3 years ago anywhere in sight. You’re good. 🙂 Also, I’m a little jealous because I never have cards when I need them, and I always have to go buy 1 at a time, like the hour before I need it.

    • Tanya – I have approximately 47, or so, cards I’d be DELIGHTED to pass on to ya. Seriously. And – perspective – it is good. I did lay them out nice and neat, didn’t I? It only took an hour to arrange them. A perfect use of an hour, no?

  5. I have the SAME PROBLEM! I love to pick up cards when I see them, so I’m “prepared”. But then of course I forget I have them, pick up more, don’t use those….a cardstock cycle.

    • A vicious cardstock cycle. Maybe we should keep each other accountable? I’ll call you and say, “HEY, you’re not considering buying any new greeting cards, are you?” every once in a while, kay?

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