Five Minute Friday

This week’s word prompt is ORDINARY



Moments that feel like they should be ordinary, but turn out to be anything but?  Those are the sweetest to me.  A cranky child railing against you for imposing bedtimes and manners and kindness, suddenly grabbing your leg and begging for kisses.  An angsty Pre-preteen catching you off guard with his “I love you so much mama.” on the way out the door.  Your husband’s arrival home from a long day of working hard to provide – and you see a twinkle in his eye, that’s just for you.  Yes please!

Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord will provide, means more to me than a job, a meal, or a needed piece of clothing.  To me? It also means that He will provide lightning-bright moments of beauty to punctuate my ordinary.

And oh, how I love to be zinged by God.  To be reminded of how very much He loves me.  And wishes to provide for me.  The essentials, sometimes.  But sometimes?  The essentials are a little less like a choice of cereal and a little more like an unexpected snuggle.

Zing me, God.  Let me see all the many splendored ways You show me just how extra-ordinarily beautiful it is to be loved by You.

Oh, indeed.

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24 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Those are the best, aren’t they? Those moments that feel like they should be ordinary, but turn out to be anything but. Love that! And I, too, wish to be zinged by God. Lovely words, as usual, Missy! 🙂

  2. I love how you described the lightning, “bright moments of beauty to punctuate my ordinary.” And all the ways you started this post with your children and your husband are just that. How many bright moments I have in my own life. Thanks for sharing, Missy. I always love hearing your heart. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Jacqui, I love how you so readily see the many bright moments in your own life. The fellowship and community this Five Minute Friday creates is a gift!!

  3. Oh, what a sweet, sweet way of looking at life and truly being thankful!!! Loved this, Missy! Loved how you described your preteen as “angsty”!! My 7 year old boy says that to me and I hope and pray that I get to hear it for many more years. And I pray that my eyes would be open to truly appreciate those moments that are sent straight from our great God!
    Beautiful post!!!

    • Becky, I’m praying right along with you. Our God is so very good to us. I do believe my son’s unexpected “I love you’s” are the most precious to me right now.

  4. Dear Missy
    Oh, how I love that twinkle in you husbands eye just for you when he comes from work. I love to think that our Pappa God has a special twinkle in His eyes for each of His girls, even when we just throw a ” love you, Pappa”, over our shoulders like your teen, when we go on with our daily business ! Over via FMF.
    Much love

    • Mia – what a lovely thought, of pleasing our Abba by giving him an unprompted “I love you”. May I remember to do it more!

  5. yeah love that “zing me Lord” – zing me too! dont those moments so give colour and meaning to the rest of the days, the ones that arent so zingyness – those zings are fuel for me!

    ps i always smile when i see your photo on the side – love the mo and glasses!

    blessings, claire

    • Claire – I’m so glad my silly self brings you a smile. And I’m going to be chewing on the thought of those zingy moments giving us color and meaning in our days. Beautiful!

  6. I got me a new saying now, thanks to you. ‘Zing me Lord’. Love it!! So fun and so true. We serve a mighty God!

  7. Oh man….I still remember when God “zinged” me. It was before scolding my 2nd born harshly, I called out her full name, only to stop right after her middle name, “Grace”. Aw snap. God totally got me. I breathed deep, and held her as we both accepted our “being put in our place”. 🙂

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