Beauty Is Difficult

“Beautiful are the difficult things. Nothing worth it’s easy.”


That quote haunts me on many an occasion.  When I think to remember it, I rail against it. I’d rather not remember it. I’d rather things be easy. There are moments, with Sweetboy in particular, when I wonder why things can’t be easier.

Our life with him is beautiful, oh yes it is.  A differently-colored beautiful, to be sure.  But easy? Not by a long shot.  And I look over and see this other mama running this race to the finish line next to me.  She contends day in and day out with the physical realities of a child with disabilities.  I contend day in and day out with the emotional realities of a child with disabilities.  I compare my race to hers.  I come up short.

That’s the fleshly part of me talking, of course.  The spirit within me gently nudges me toward something else.  Remember this?

“Do not despise the small things.  The Lord delights to see the work begin.”

Zecharaiah 4:10

I’m being reminded, yet again, of the importance of hanging on to this verse.  With every fiber of my being I want it to be true of me that I do not despise these small victories.

His obvious joy and delight in his little sissy.


The increasing number of nights out of every 7 that he is able to fall asleep before 11:00.

The one morning he rises at 5:40 instead of 5:04.

The Monday he comes home and doesn’t melt down at the mere thought of homework.

That one brilliant beaming smile as he gets off the bus.

His increasing willingness to try something new, way outside of his comfort zone.

No, indeed.  I will not despise these small beginnings.  And I choose to see the beauty in the difficulty that this child brings into our lives. And let all the rest go.

Because, he is ours.

And we love him so.

28 thoughts on “Beauty Is Difficult

  1. “Do not despise the small things…” Yes, I definitely need to remember this. My days are filled with small and beautiful things, moments, and people. I forget that, on occasion. You’ve reminded me. Many, many thanks!

    Anna K.

  2. What a great and true quote! Praying that God continues to give you eyes to see the beautiful and the strength to live the challenge. Your son sounds so wonderful. Blessings, friend!

  3. Beautifully said. Although I don’t face the same challenges, we do have challenges with one of our boys and like you, we love him so. This was a beautiful post to remind me to rejoice in the small victories each day brings.

    • Thank you. Everyone has their own challenges and I think that’s what makes families so beautiful. And colorful. I’m rejoicing with you!

  4. Sometimes I get mad at myself for missing these posts during the week. Some days choosing to see beauty in difficulty is a battle, but always worth it, isn’t it? You’re an awesome mom. Your kids are blessed to have you, as you are them. Thank you for linking this up.

    • Tricia, thank you. Just, thank you. It IS always worth it – even if it feels like a “tub of gelato” kind of day. 😉

  5. You are a gift from God! Your Sweetboy is precious and your REALNESS as a Mom to a child with autism is inspiring. So glad you share and we all feel a part of this ‘motherhood’ thing! It’s so hard, yes, but you remind me that the rewards are worth it. Precious. Indeedy.

  6. That was sweet Missy, I feel like I wasn’t peeking through the window at your life, but that you allowed me and others to sit at the table and just hear what it’s like to be this boys’ Mom. You have faith, immeasurably faith…

    • I love seeing you and your pom-poms on the sidelines of this crazy beautiful mess. And you KNOW I’m cheering over there on your sidelines, too.

  7. What a beautiful post Missy. I always try to remember that every child has his challenges whether we can see them or not. I give examples of this to my Drew whenever I can so he can understand he’s not the only one with stuff to deal with. Thanks for the reminder today!

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    • Thank you Corinna. You make a beautiful point of your own. Every child has challenges and it helps to take us out of our own “stuff” when we realize that. You do your children a huge service by teaching them that now. And I’m so glad you shared that wisdom!

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