You have them, too, don’t you?  Those “whatever.” moments?  I’m talkin’ “whatever” with a resigned, lower-case “w”.  I’m talkin’ the kind of “whatever” we utter when we’re so double-dog tired in our current situation or circumstance that we don’t really give a fig what happens next because we’re tired of All The Struggle?

If we’re being honest with ourselves and each other, we’ve all been there.  Probably way more than once.  I can count on my own hands, at least twice over, when I’ve been there.

But lean in real close now – I want to share something I read this week in “Let It Go” by Karen Ehman that shattered my self-pity and made me perk right up:

“I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.”

Philippians 4:11

Um, Missy, (you might be thinking), Karen didn’t say that – Paul did.


Here’s what Karen did say, though:

She shared that the Greek word content literally means “to be satisfied to the point where I am no longer disturbed or disquieted.”




She then goes on to pack that little punch with these words. “He is longing for us to take our eyes off of our situation and fix them solely upon him.”

And, just in case I am tempted to wallow in that feeling a little longer, Karen encourages us to ask ourselves a pivotal question: “What does God want me to learn about Him that I might never discover if He were to suddenly pluck me out of this situation?”

Oh, what, indeed!

That little pearl of wisdom was just what I needed to be reminded of when I’m tempted to feel so low that the worms won’t even join me underground.

Because, I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling the need to spout that “whatever.”?  It’s usually because I’m feeling forlorn about something that is beyond my control.  Or something wrong with my circumstances.  Or someone I have no control over.  And I start forgetting that my job is focus in on Christ.  In me, yes, but also in you.  And him. And her.  And them.

It’s then that I’ll begin to learn how to live more joyfully in the midst of my “whatever.”.   And see some purpose in it.

And even if I can’t see the purpose in it?  I can at least take great comfort in the fact that there is indeed purpose in it because God is in control.

Then?  That “whatever.” can take a flying leap.  Because I’m just gonna Let. It. Go.

Doesn’t that sound great?

I’m working on it.

Want to join me?

You can buy a copy of Karen Ehman’s book “Let. It. Go” here.  (I have no affiliations and receive no recompense for this recommendation.  I just really stinkin’ enjoyed every chapter in this book.  And I’m just guessing that lots of you will too!)

21 thoughts on “What-EVER!

  1. I have this book at home, and now know I need to pick it up and read it! Just the title has been alluring me for awhile. Oh, so many things to do, but this sounds encouraging. Thanks Missy!

  2. Missy! I just have to tell you, as much as I love visiting Mike’s family in FL, the roaches there just about do me in, too. As far as God’s plan for them…they will certainly be thrown in the fiery pit. No. Doubt. About. It.

  3. Time. To. Skype. I am right there with you and God has been giving me those ‘whatever’ moments a lot lately. I’ll text you in a bit to see what your afternoon holds… Love you more than words sister. Seriously, it’s crazy how I would take a bullet for you (or your two sweet younguns) and I still haven’t met you in person. That’s called a bond of Christ girl! (Oh, and I will take a bullet for the hubs once he shows his face on Skype…BAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    • Oh, you know it girl. And, that’s about the sweetest comment I think I’ve ever received. You’d take a bullet for me. Let’s hope you never have to! 😉

  4. I’ve got to tell you…just last night I was in this place. We moved to TX about six years ago and the thing that I hate most about it is the roaches. (You have not read those posts on my blog. 😉 ) I mean, sincerely and truly hate. I don’t understand why they follow us, and they really seem to follow us. The house that we moved out of last (it was our second house here) had some roach problems. I am talking chase-me-out-of-my-bedroom problems. The family that moved in there after us, after eight months of living there, had had no roaches. :/ What the what?! The house we live in now has had enough that I’m not comfortable. And just when I do get comfortable (read: stop walking around looking down at the floor and along the wall and in the corners all the time), a GIANT roach appears out of nowhere and disrupts my sense of sanity. (Note: sense of sanity, not that there is any real sanity.) This happened last night. I had to confront a roach in my kitchen. It ended badly for the creature. The devil’s spawn. But I can’t say I slept all that well. And I keep wondering what lesson it is that God is trying to teach me, even though I don’t want want to learn it. 😛 I really don’t like them. (The roaches. And apparently the lessons.) At any rate, this is one of those things that I don’t know how to let go. And it sounds really stupid to type it all out, because of course everyone hates roaches. But mine is a bit irrational, and over-the-top, and paralyzing. I keep praying that we’ll get to leave TX, but I think that’s probably not what God wants me to pray. Hmmph.
    I know this sounds silly…but it really causes problems around here. Sigh. And I confess that this question: “What does God want me to learn about Him that I might never discover if He were to suddenly pluck me out of this situation?” …I want to ignore it. I just want to get plucked out of the situation. Obviously, there is a lot of room for growth here.

    • And my little face up there looks like a super happy smiley. I was going for the sticking the tongue out the side. I do not feel flippant about God teaching me lessons…just so you know.

    • Plenty of room for growth here, too, Christina. Plenty! And, um, I’m getting the pee pee shivers just considering your roach problem. We had them in Florida, too. That’s yet another “creature” I’m going to have to ask God about His grand plan for.

  5. Another great post today, Missy. I loved Karen’s quote: “He is longing for us to take our eyes off of our situation and fix them solely upon him.” Chapters 9 and 10 have been my favorite of this study!! Sharing your blog with my group!! ❤

    • Aw, thank you so much! And, I completely agree. These 2 chapters were phenomenal. Iron sharpening iron, kinda phenomenal.

  6. Thank you for this today Missy. Definitely thoughts that have been rumbling in my mind with this whole Esther study too. I will have to pick up that book you are reading, sounds like a good one 🙂

    • You will SO soak up her stories and wisdom, Ally. It’s definitely been helpful to quiet some of my own rumbling thoughts. 🙂

  7. Our church has been reading “The Story” and in choir we were discussing some of the things that the Israelites were doing while Moses was away on the mountain … We can look to our leaders, or distractions and forget to look up! They were given things to see above them to guide their way… as we should look up … to keep us focused on our way…
    I think I’m going to need to check this book out too ; ) Glad it’s been so “stinking” good for ya!

    • Ha! Stinkin’. It’s such a fun word to throw around sometimes, isn’t it? I have got to get my hands on “The Story”! You’re the 5th person to mention it This Very Week, Sue!

    • Kindle has it very cheap if you have the APP loaded on anything. And, I love Max Lucado so it’s enjoyable. I usually prefer just the straightforward Bible scripture, but it has been fun – especially if your kids are young and going through it at the same time in their Sunday School class.

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