Five Minute Friday: Home

It’s free write time! I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday this snowy morning.  Click the button below to be able to see all of the many-colored thoughts on “Home” that are shared today.




Once again, I am left chuckling to myself over the choice of word for our free write, today.


Here I sit, in my pajamas, on a cold snowy Friday morning, with my  Sweetkids tucked around me on the couch.  We’ve just devoured far more chocolate chip pancakes than anyone should be allowed to. (You’ll be happy to know that no batter was spewed on this particular morning!)

And I’m reveling in it.

These precious stolen snow days at home, when both children still want to be stuck at home with their mother?  They are becoming fewer and farther between.  The ones that do come are coveted.  Is it okay to covet a snow day for the purpose of enjoying carefree time with your children?  I surely hope so.

We pray for those who must still travel to work today.  And for the grocery stores and hospitals and police and fire units that all remain open and available for those who need them.  We get to do laundry together, and choose our meals together, and snuggle together.

And I have missed this.

Life has been hectic lately.

We’ve all needed a day to relish in the comfort of home’s embrace.  With each other.

Oh, yes indeedy!

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Home

  1. Just reading about your snow day sounds cozy! We don’t get much snow here, but I love the way it quiets life and pulls you into the home. Love this, Missy!

  2. “relish in the comfort of home’s embrace”….I so love this! Oh yes indeedy!
    these moments are fleeting, aren’t they. I’m with you, friend. I’m going to embrace them today! {HUGS}

  3. Oh, how I love snow days! I love when we are all stuck together at home! Sadly, here in South Carolina we don’t get nearly enough of them to satisfy me. Great post!

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